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  1. My stats are currently 70/89/23 and i'm not having as much success as I'd like. Would I be better off by getting my defence up to 45 or 60? edit: i'm also betting 100k-1M and have % set to 53 with max def at 55 (60 def players still rape me even though my odds are around 65-70% for them)
  2. i've died 3 times in the past 48 hours from these....leave it w/o babysitting for 5 hours and bam. hello lumby edit: was all because it was trying to solve a random and getting attacked at the same time
  3. left the bot alone for around 5 hours today and just got back and it just died and relog'd into lumby with 3 items..after solving the strange box random so idk if i was being attacked while solving the random
  4. i had the 6 default herbs selected..but after checking my bank after ~4/5 runs it has 10 different kinds of herbs banked.
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