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  1. Was about to buy it but decided to test first, and its not working, i cant do it without energy potions, even if i want to , and if i select "any" it juts tries to look for pots in the bank, but doesnt skip the task if there is none
  2. I cant leave it for a longer amount of time because it spamm clicks on safe tile for couple hours or picks other and other world but doesnt enter login details, this one is not that bad since it cant get me banned but clicking on one tile for two hours is allmost guarantee
  3. script stops after 15 seconds and says java.lang.outofmemoryerror
  4. Hello, always when im using any script, i get banned in like one day. Is it possible to not get banned so fast ? Im new here, maybe im doing something wrong ?
  5. Hello, i cant buy credits, when i try to, it says that my credit card was denied. What should i do ?
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