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  1. I exclusively use LG, so how long will LG be down for? Would it be possible to allow us to use older build to carry on using LG? Thank you
  2. I think so too, i deleted the .tribot folder and it still doesnt click on any obstacles.
  3. Hey, Could you add shift dropping of the empty pie dish? Edit: Another issue I found or maybe im using the wrong settings. Under marks of grace section, I have chosen to collect marks of grace before stopping the script (Ardy course), however it didn't pick up the marks and logged out when the stop timer was reached. How can I set it up so that it will collect the marks before the script stops?
  4. Possible to add support so that the script can clean the grimy herb and place it next to the swamp tar when it messes the 3 tick up and create a tarromin tar?
  5. Hey Beg, When cooking at rogue's den, the script often double clicks on the fire and walks into the fire and also misclicks players when attempting to cooking quite often too. It also tries to cook the last fish again even though the player is already cooking. Otherwise a very good script! Suggestion: possible to add an option to close bank with esc key?
  6. Hey Encoded, Any chance to change the mousekey to match how windows mouse key drop (wmk doesnt drop the last row). Thank you
  7. Hi, It rights click on jump gap 1 and jump gap 2 quite a bit. It right clicks the the agility action rather than left clicking. hope this helps http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Canifis_Agility_Course
  8. Hey, what ive noticed is that the script clicks on the map to get to the tree (initial spot) once its there it clicks on the minimap again even thought its already there. Also theres too much camera movement and it uses right click too often.
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