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  1. thanks i found it, yes i will ask in the right thread nxt time. sorry
  2. How/where do i turn off the "status banner" on the agility etc? So i can see what other players write in the chat?
  3. Thank you very much, i saved this photo. How many tiles is there in a radius that should cover a good amount of trees for me, sorry for a inaccurate question maybe..
  4. I was seers banking willow logs, i was also in a lol pop world with no ppl in it. I was watching movie by the time i was botting and checked the bot sometimes.
  5. I used this bot for 8 hours total, in 3 breaks of 15 minutes and both my account got ban. Im very much aware of ban is possible, but im wondering if my proxie ip now is flagged by jagex and i can't make new accounts on this ip?
  6. Ezalord


    Could you come online now? im in there.
  7. Ezalord


    Thanks again for the feedback, is it possible to add you on skype or discord or other chat? Easier to talk there
  8. Ezalord


    Thanks for the quick reply! But wonder if I have to buy proxies to hide my real ip address so I will not be banned from my main account that I played on from this ip address.
  9. Ezalord


    Hello iam new to forum and im looking in topics but can't find some things, i would b really glad if someone could give me a hint or tip Is there a proxy included when u buy VIP-E? Do i need to buy proxys in order to play on it?
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