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  1. My idea is to level up bots with braking times between them, so maybe that can reduce ban i guess? But its worthless in case i get banned so i dont really know what to do
  2. hello can you guys help me out in something. As far as i understood there are really not much options if you want to f2p farm. In other words you can only make a decent ammount of gold per hour if you have like 100-200 accounts... Anyway. I am thinking to lvl up all my accounts, for now im leveling WC and mining so i can sell yews and bars later. Wouldn't this be more profitable than suiciding your bots? What do you guys think?
  3. I am wondering how you botters run your accounts and level them up to get high REQs to farm decent gold with them? if they are banned anyway wouldnt you waste more time lvling them up than actually farming with them? Same with p2p bots, wouldnt you lose more money than actually do? Since bots get banned so fast
  4. I was farming in my 2 accounts but they got banned, will my account get auto ban if i register from the same IP again? Because i have no money for proxies now and i don't know how to recover my farmed gold
  5. it's weaking the monster but not getting any xp? why?
  6. hello i farmed some salmon and some other fish. but i cannot take them all from the bank and 1 at each until the bag slot it's full. Isn't it possible to withdraw all the stacks?
  7. ok so no one interested im closing this
  8. hello i'm looking for a partner that has some RS accounts and they could run them in my server running 24/7 we could share profit 50/50 for the gold sold. skype: robert.snow76
  9. Hello, I am new into runescape game, and to be honest with you, i'm only playing it because there are many people buying coins from this game and i need some cash. I would like to know if it is possible to start making cash on early-game? i'm currently level 5 on lumbridge, doing some quests, but not really sure what to do to do RMT.
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