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  1. USA Tutorial Island What good is botting or setting up a farm if your accounts get banned before you even get off Tutorial Island or the next day after? This script focuses on multiple profiles, strategies, ABCL10, and antiban to keep your accounts safe. In addition you have the options of what to do after Tutorial Island is complete (i.e. Walking to GE, Dropping all items, Remaining Logged In, etc.). This versatile script is the key to your success at making accounts efficiently and safely. View USA Tutorial Island sessions and highscores here. Features ABCL10 Dynamic Sleeps generated for general, clicking continue, and hovering Random character design Multiple strategies throughout the tutorial Multiple pathing for Quest Guide, Brother Brace, and Magic Instructor Custom walking on screen/minimap/blind walking/pathing Random left/right clicking and camera movements on objects and npcs Random profiling for continuing the chat (Mouse or Keyboard) When using two items, it will randomly choose with item to click first Conditional sleeping system on each action for efficiency Loading/Saving of all settings Option to generate a random profile for each account GUI button to generate a random profile inside the Configuration tab Saves all account information to "..\.tribot\USA Tutorial Island\accounts\" with the title of the time stamp If option selected "Stay Logged In" you will have the option of clicking an image to force your player to logout to continue creating accounts If option selected "Stay Logged In" your bot will accept trade requests and accept both trade windows to receive items from another player Ability to add or load User Created accounts to run a large farm through Tutorial Island and more! Setup Running a single account through Tutorial Island Start the Script and select your account from the Account Manager through the Script Selector Fill out GUI options Press "Generate Random Profile" or select your options manually in the Configuration tab Press Save Settings to save your current setup Select Start on the GUI Running a pre-made account through Tutorial Island Start the Script Fill out the GUI options Check the "Use Created Accounts" check box in the Account Creation tab Fill out each Login and Password followed by pressing the Add button Remove any Accounts by selecting the item and then pressing the Remove button Press Save Settings to save your current setup Select Start on the GUI Running multiple pre-made accounts through Tutorial Island Start the Script Fill out the GUI options Select the 'Load Accounts from File' button in the Load Accounts tab Select a .txt file on your computer that has accounts in (login:password) format separated by line as shown here The accounts you loaded will appear in the box above, the remove and add function will still work Press Save Settings to save your current setup Select Start on the GUI All accounts are saved to the folder found at ..\.tribot\USA Tutorial Island\accounts\ GUI Dynamic Signatures
  2. USA Dragon Killer Click here to view USA Dragon Killer's Statistics. Features: Death support, will wield your starting equipment and continue onEnemy player support, will avoid enemies with certain items and/or that engage you and remember them for futureFull looting bag support, will loot on kills and start using immediatelyPrice grabbing from OSBuddy for accurate pricingLooting based on a coin value (default: 1,000gp) and will loot by the highest value item firstWill detect any Moderators in your areaCustom walking, blind walking, and pathing for ensuring efficient killingUses ring of dueling (banking) and games necklace (corporeal beast) for main travelingWill use the clan wars free-for-all portal to reset your prayer or poison effectsGlory for emergency teleports, rarely get killed by pkersSets quick prayer for defence prayers and protect items to save gearRecharges prayer if below a value at the clan wars altar and continues onAuto Responder V2 (not added to the client yet) for intelligent conversationsEfficient eating system, eats on a randomly drawn % value on the initial start of the scriptPaint is very informative and displays enemy players, loot taken, xp, etc.Custom world hopping if there are over a certain amount of players are in your areaSuper potions, Combat potions supportPoison, accidental-Skulling, 0 prayer renewal at Clan WarsGUI with saving/loading profiles Requirements: 60+ combat (Recommended)WeaponAnti-dragon shieldBody armor Leg armor Amulet of glory (Charged)Ring of dueling Games necklace Food (Tuna, Salmon, etc.) Setup Instructions: Fill out the GUI with your desired setting, hit Refresh to set your starting equipment.Setup your options as the followingAuto-remove roofsSet Auto-Retaliate to ONEnsure you have multiple copies of your starting equipment in bank, including food, amulet of glories (charged), ring of duelings, games necklaces, and combat potions (if using that option).You must have a body armor, leg armor, anti-dragon shield, and weapon at a minimum to run this script.Do not equip your games necklace or ring of dueling, it will remain in your inventory.Save your settings, you can start it at any location but the bank is preferableHit Start to begin using USA Dragon Fighter and enjoy the profits! GUI Dynamic Signatures Screenshots
  3. Unban the user after repayment. He performed the service but did it using methods that you both agreed should not be used, user should be traded with caution.
  4. Hello and welcome to USA Lava Dragons [Premium] Statistics for this script to include high scores and sessions can be found here. Features: Five different locations supported, including random selection. All useful spells supported (Fire Strike through Fire Wave and Trident of the seas) Hovers over logout button, threaded anti-pker support Efficient traveling, uses glory teleports and games necklaces for faster trips Set spells per trip, it counts how many runes are required Supports Looting bag if in bank, in inventory, or if it happens to loot one! Occult necklace support Smoke battlestaff support Custom Auto Responder V2 Option to Grind Lava scales Option to set your food name and quantity Option for energy and magic potions for increased efficiency Simple looting by setting a minimum loot value threshold (ex: 2,000 gp) Death walk and withdrawing/equipping of starting equipment you set in the GUI Ability to add Friendly accounts to ignore them instead of attempting to evade Loading/Saving settings Price grabbing from the official Grand Exchange Accurate profit calculation by subtracting costs Informative GUI to include Lava Dragon's health and your Loot Table with item counting / pricing Statistics and session saving with a dynamic signature Takes screenshots on death and stores them in .tribot\USA Lava Dragons\deaths And much more hidden behind the scenes Requirements: I recommend at least 30 health, Lava Dragons can hit hard and it is possible that your player can take damage going in/out of the isle 15 magic minimum, Fire Strike is the best spell for profit Mind & Air runes Games necklaces Amulet of glory (charged) Pestle and mortar Anti-dragon shield Staff of fire Magic offensive gear for magic accuracy Setup: Start near a bank and make sure you have the required items listed above Fill out the GUI Hit Save Settings to use for next time Start Script GUI: Dynamic Signatures Replace "Usa" with your TRiBot username. [url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59564-abc2-usa-lava-dragons-multiple-spotsanti-pktrident/][img=http://www.usa-tribot.org/lava/Usa.png][/url]
  5. Hello and welcome to the thread for TRiBot's latest money making script; USA Tab Maker. It is capable of making any teleport tablet through any efficient method and more, see below for more information. Features: ABCL10Fully Dynamic object searching, grabs the closest lecturn that you choose to your player.Servant Support, Demon butler, butler.Several banking optionsSeveral travel optionsInteractive paint (Close X)Saving / Loading in the GUI to save profile optionsAutomatic price grabbing and Profit Calculation based on costs of Soft Clay, Rune, travel method and of course price of the tablet you're making.Tells you the required items based on your staff you are usingStops when out of suppliesWill stop the script if your friend is no longer in the houseOption to set your desired mouse speed (default: 105) Setup Instructions: Start in the Bank, your House, your Friend's house, or outside the Portal.Have all required items in your inventory or the bank and your desired staff equipped.Script will withdraw the minimum amount of runes each time, you have the option of starting the script with an excess amount to cut down on banking time. That is your choice whether you want to risk a large amount of runes.You must have a lectern in your POH or have a friend that has one. I recommend having your lectern and/or mounted glory as close to the portal as possible to cut down travel time.If using a friend's house,it is best if you select the House option to appear outside of your house for efficiency.If using the Walking method,your house must be located in Yanille.If using the Servant method,you must have a Demon butler or butler in your house wellas a regular "Bell-pull" in the room next to the lecturn you are usingDO NOT have any NOTED CLAY in your inventory. Options: HOUSE: Use your House Use a friend's house (Enter player name) TO BANK: Teleporting by Mounted Glory (Edgeville) Teleporting by Ring of Duellng (Castle Wars) Walking to Bank (Yanille) Use Phial in Rimmington TO HOUSE: Teleporting by Runes Teleporting by Tablet (House) Walking to Portal (Yanille) Use Phial in Rimmington TABLETS: Varrock TeleportLumbridge TeleportFalador TeleportTeleport to HouseCamelot TeleportArdougne TeleportWatchtower TeleportBones to BananasBones to Peaches Use Friend's House: Check this box if you would like to use a friend's POH, you can still use any of the TO HOUSE options as long as your friend's house is located at the same location as yours. Use Servant: Check this box if you want to use the servant (Demon butler or Butler) in your house to retrieve supplies. Host Mode: New addition, will idle in your house and move the mouse/camera around.. log back in if it logs out, re-enter your house. Reporting a bug? Use this format.
  6. USA Fighter, the most advanced easy-to-use fighter you will ever experience. Click here to view USA Dragon Killer's Statistics. Features ABCL10Blackout mode to hide your training spot by clicking your in-game username (click again to remove the blackout)Supports Ranged/MagicSupports Multicombat areasSpecial AttackCustom Auto ResponderSupports weapon style switching to train specific stats or train combat by leveling stats evenlyDeath walk / Walking back to starting tileUser definable walk back distanceCustom mouse speedMultiple NPC selection by refreshing to search for attackable NPC's in your areaUser definable combat radius to fight monsters inside that specified areaABCL eating or custom random health % with any food with the option "Eat"User definable loot list or you can choose to loot items between specific valuesLoading/Saving settings to keep your profile you set for future useInformative paintEasy to use GUIStatistics server to view sessions and highscores found hereDynamic signatures for all users Setup Start in the location you wish to fightRefresh or manually set your Starting Tile to walk back to in the event your player moves too far or diesSet a walk back distance that your player must remain in before the Script walks back to the starting tileSet all Options in the General tab that apply to your playerIn the NPC tab, select Refresh to load NPCs in your area then single or multi select those NPCs and hit Add Selected to select NPCsSet your combat radius for the distance the script should look for those selected NPCs, those outside of the radius will be ignoredIf eating food, select your preferred option in the Eating tabIf looting, type the name (case insensitive, exact spelling) of the items you want to loot OR select a value to loot bySelect Save Settings to save your profile for future useHit Start and enjoy the quick combat experience! Dynamic Signatures Replace "Usa" with your TRiBot Username. [url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/43099-usa-fighter-fastest-combat-script-abcl10/][img=http://www.usa-tribot.org/fighter/Usa.png][/url] GUI
  7. This is true, we're all guilty of it though and sometimes one account used to modify multiple scripts gets removed and can make things problematic. I usually like to train up accounts while I have a solid one and then leave the backups until I need them but having a good relationship with your users is definitely helpful.
  8. Hmm that's probably the best guess. @weizhen123 the skill worlds are avoided and if it is somehow attempting to hop to those then that must be a misclick as they are not included in my world hopper by default.
  9. I'm usually pretty good at this but I don't think ill be able to interpret this one
  10. While a few hours is clearly an exaggeration, a few weeks is not. In your case, you stated this has been an issue for eight months; you had ample time to present a case. How these things work is you present an issue with a Script and we attempt to get the Scripter to resolve those issues in a timely fashion. If analogies paint a better picture for you, imagine starting with a small rash and instead of going into the doctors for a simple ointment, you instead wait eight months and it develops into full-body Psoriasis. It is your responsibility to alert us via this subforum when you feel you have reached a point in your relationship with the Scripter that requires outside intervention. Keeping a prolonged discussion over months and months and then expecting that you will be awarded a full refund on your first report isn't ideal, that is always a last resort as you paid and have been using a product for some time and the best resolution is to return the product to you in the order it was promised upon your payment. The script has been updated, this matter has been resolved. Should you experience issues in the future, please use this subforum and we will be happy to help.
  11. Good report @DarkFuture, ill take a look at it thanks.
  12. The case is, if you report these items sooner it will work more in your favor. This is your first report, the main issue you are having is that he did not make the necessary changes. Your dispute has brought attention to that aspect and it resulted in him making the required changes. The dispute has been resolved. Should this occur again, this thread will be taken into account and depending on the issue can result in a similar or different outcome.
  13. Long awaited, this is a release for V4.0 - Create accounts by 2captcha service - Many options for creating a randomized string, random words, account indexing, etc. - Revamped methods inside Tutorial, uses my newest ABC2 clicking methods for accuracy and antiban - Additional considerations went into this update for keeping your account safe - Many more features I forgot to add, it is a near rewrite The plan is to take this Script premium for a small fee to limit the total userbase using this script and to finally put a Premium tutorial island script on the market that is reliable. Feel free to use this in the mean time and let me know what you think. Enjoy
  14. Hello and welcome to the thread for TRiBot's latest Crafting script; USA Crafter. It is capable of making any useful crafting item used in training through the most efficient methods, see below for more information. Features: ABCL10Has an optional "Auto Progression" feature which will allow you to craft the highest available item within the material selectedCan be started anywhere and uses any bankMultiple locations for furnaces (Al Kharid/Falador/Neitiznot/Port Phasmatys)Easy to use GUIDetailed on-screen paintStops when out of supplies or equipment requiredWithdraws all items necessary for the method selectedOptional mouse speedPrints out statistics of your session at the end Methods: Leather Leather glovesLeather bootsLeather cowlLeather vambracesLeather bodyLeather chapsLeather coifHard leather Hardleather bodySnakeskin Snakeskin bootsSnakeskin vambracesSnakeskin bandanaSnakeskin chapsSnakeskin body Green/Blue/Red/Black d-leather Green/Blue/Red/Black d'hide vambGreen/Blue/Red/Black d'hide chapsGreen/Blue/Red/Black d'hide bodySilver bar Unstrung symbolSilver sickleTiaraGold bar Gold ringGold necklaceGold braceletGold amuletUncut Gems SapphireEmeraldRubyDiamondOnyxGems (Jewelry) Ring - (Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond/Dragonstone/Onyx)Necklace - (Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond/Dragonstone/Onyx)Bracelet - (Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond/Dragonstone/Onyx)Amulet - (Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond/Dragonstone/Onyx)Molten glass Beer glassCandle lanternOil lampVialFishbowlUnpowered orbLantern lensBattlestaff Air battlestaffMaterials Molten glassBall of wool Gold amuletTanning Hides LeatherHard LeatherGreen dragon leatherBlue dragon leatherRed dragon leatherBlack dragon leatherNot seeing the product/material listed that you want to craft? Let me know via PM, it takes minutes to add! Setup: Start in any location, or at bankHave required items in inventory or bankSelect the Material drop down in the GUISelect the desired finished product in the GUIIf a location is required, a drop down will appear and you can select the locationSet your mouse speed and hit Start!Note: If using Auto Progression, it will only progress to the highest available item you can craft inside that same material family (i.e. Leather gloves -> boots .. etc up to coif). Reporting a bug? Use this format. Material: Product: Location: (if applicable)Issue experienced: Picture: (Image)
  15. Welcome to Abyss Runecrafter by Usa! [ General Information ] Abyss is a minigame located north of Edgeville. Abyss is a high risk method for runecrafting that can achieve up to 400K/HR profit with the proper stats and equipment. You can read additional information here. [ Current Features ] House Glory Teleport optionGlory amulet (4) optionNature / Cosmic / Law / Chaos / Body / Fire / Water / Earth / Mind / Air, train 1-99 with just this script!House tablet breaking when player is attacking you in wildernessHouse tablet if you are below a certain % of health during AbyssOption to use any/all obstacles (Gap/Rocks/Eyes/Tendril/Boil)Healing in bank with desired foodFast pouch filling/emptying supportRepairs all pouches for you automaticallyDetailed paint that displays all necessary information related to the scriptPaint that can be closed/opened by hitting the [X]Teleports away from PKersWill hop to a random world if you the script manages to escape an enemy's attempt to kill you!Can teleport to house using house tablets, or the spell (using regular or dust runes)Super Energy potion (3) and (4) supportFastest method to navigate through the Abyss to one of your selected obstacles, guaranteed! [ Suggestions ] I would suggest the following, - 50+ defense - 50+ hitpoints - 40+ mining (Mine rocks obstacle) - 40+ agility (Squeeze-through obstacle) - 47 construction (Mounted glory) - 1 Runecrafting (You can use the elemental runes until 44+) I do not recommend using breaks with this script. Best setup? Best setup is to do Mine Rocks, Squeeze-through Obstacle, Distract eyes, and Burn-down Boil. That means, you'd have a tinderbox in your inventory with your three best pouches and a pickaxe equipped. Use a bronze/iron/steel pickaxe or hatchet. It works just as good as a rune! Don't attract attention to your character by wearing better equipment that is unnecessary. Best equipment? It is a balance between what you're willing to lose, what the chances of you (at your combat level) are for getting killed by players, and how high your magic resistance needs to be. Full black d'hide is the cheapest/most efficient solution, but full rune gives you the best defense for the value inside the Abyss. This is up for you to decide, dont risk anything you're not willing to lose! What I noticed during testing Everyone seems to have a pure between the levels of 55 and 65, with magic potions they could potentially teleblock you. If that plus an entangle happens, you're pretty much screwed because there is a good chance that it wont splash against anything short of black d'hide set. tl;dr - Wear your highest magic resistance setup You should not use glory amulets, you become a target when it is around your neck and people will take the time to stalk you for that 100K kill. Spend the extra money to get yourself some house teleport tablets and 47 construction (Mounted glory). Higher the stats (range/defense/health), the better your experience with this script is going to be. Don't wear anything in the Abyss that you aren't willing to lose if you die to monsters, get killed by players, or lag out. [ Setup ] - Start script in Edgeville bank or player house. - In inventory, have all Pouches you wish to use in the Abyss and ONE House tablet - In equipment, wear everything you wish to use in the Abyss - Set auto-retaliate to off - Equip Pickaxe / Woodcutting axe ( Depending on if you selected Mine Rocks or Chop Tendrils ) - Have your bank setup so that all items that are being withdrawn are grouped together for efficiency - If using Mounted glory (highly recommended), setup your house like so, Note: it should still work as long as your Quest hall is visible on the minimap. If not, you will have to set it up like above. Ensure your house options look like this so that your house is rendered without doors! Setup your bank like the following (recommended): [ FAQ ] Q: How many accounts can I run with my auth? A: Your auth is for one account at a time, not linked to any specific Runescape account. Q: Are all updates free? A: Yes. Q: If I encounter a bug what do I do? A: Make a detailed report, include pictures, and post it on this thread. Q: Is this just an overpriced script you don't ever plan to update again? A: No, this script has been updated and constantly working since May of 2013. Q: Help it's not working, what do I do? A: Make sure you're setting up the bot correctly with the guidelines listed above. Q: Does the profit/h of your script factor in the cost of the pure essence, food, and teleport used? A: Yes. Q: What is a mounted glory and how do I get one? A: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Amulet_of_Glory_(mounted) Q: It isn't banking once it teles to Edgeville it just stands there with the cursor above the roof of the bank A: You need to turn off the roofs. Type in-game, "::toggleroof". Q: Does the type of pickaxe or hatchet affect the speed? A: No, use bronze/iron/steel! Q: Why isn't the script finding my Mounted glory? It wont click it! A: Look at the GUI and set the orientation of which way the bot should face, (N/S/E/W), is is the camera rotation, not the room! Q: Is it a good idea to use a Ring of Life? A: It is entirely up to you, the script will continue on if it is in lumbridge and has a teleport in inventory. I personally never use them. Q: Does your script accurately calculate the actual profit? A: Yes, it will remove the cost of the food, teleport, and pure essence from the profit in real time. Q: Why does my bot always get stuck outside my house portal? It wont ever enter! A: Ensure your house is located in Rimmington if you want it to log back in or PM me the ID of the portal outside your house and I will add it to the next update. Q: What is the best setup for pouches? A: Horizontally at the top, using as many pouches as your account has access to.
  16. I can add this, I do not have an account with lunars.
  17. Once it tries to deposit an item, your bag should change to full and continue as advertised on the following trip. Likely it was a misclick in the bank generated from lag, hardware, VPS, etc. should be very rare.
  18. Please use the stickied format.
  19. Agreements aren't necessarily limited to the Scripter's terms of service in the thread, they are what you two agree upon during finalizing the deal. My suggestion to you is to outline those in a more finite structure next time so it is easy to refer back to them when you feel you are being wronged. If you have issues in the future and you feel like he is being unresponsive, you can use this subforum to get a second opinion. That is what it is here for. Same instructions apply, @Leespiker let me know when this is resolved.
  20. USA Miner is a simple to use Mining Script capable of multiple locations with multi-selection rock advancement, stationary mining for power mining, clay softening, ore smelting into bars, banking, etc. it features an object tracking thread that will track when a resource spawns and is depleted to manage an intelligent and efficient mining session. Features: Multiple mining locations with multi-selection support for mining multiple rocks in an areaActions supported are Drop, Bank, Smelt, and SoftenStationary Position support for power mining from a single tileObject tracking to efficiently track all resources in your mining areaAuto Responder V2ABCL Override to have the script always hover, use the closest, or anticipated for maximum efficiencyWorld Hopping based on players or time, using Free/Members worldsMaster/Slave support to offload your resources to a Mule by a certain value or manually by clicking the paint in-gameLoading/Saving of settingsPaint system that tracks your current rock, next rock, and next anticipated rock to spawn, mining location area, pathing, etc. Setup: Start the Script and select your Mining Locations (multi-select available) Select your desired Options Fill out each tab appropriately, selecting the checkbox of the option you wish to use Save Settings Select Start to begin using the Script Features left to be added, Saving/LoadingMule/Master (added, needs refining)Change worlds by Time
  21. Humans don't click on only the visible portion, visually you know the shape of the object so if half of the cow's head is sticking out of the wall your mind will interpret the rest of the shape that follows and click the same way that the clicks clicks visible objects in reality.
  22. @MSO while you are disgruntled with your transaction with @Leespiker you only just posted this dispute, what discussions you had before and the build-up that may have caused you to finally post this thread really don't add any weight to this thread. Your screenshots from September show him apologetic and willing to help. Taking a vacation in the summer seems reasonable, laptop stolen or not he still showed interest in helping come to terms. That doesn't show me anything sufficient that there was a substantial breach in your loose, undefined agreement. Next time you enter something with a Scripter, it would be best to establish a more finite understanding regarding updates and add-ons. That being said, you can look at the Scripter's history and make a well-informed decision next time. We allow them to do private scripts as they have earned the rank and are active contributors to the site, they are entirely responsible however for their dealings good or bad. He is willing to work with you, he has made changes, continue to work with him and if you have future issues you can use this subforum for assistance as you have done. @Leespiker let me know when the circumvented paypal payments have been resolved so I can close this.
  23. 10/11/2016 - V2.1b - Note interface updated
  24. USA Bot Farm Tool, "a necessity in cutting down the amount of human-interaction involved in maintaining a large bot farm." Features: Currently it is capable of: Buying a list of items through Grand Exchange and collecting them, updating new offers. Noting and withdrawing a list of items from the bank and selling them for your desired value through the Grand Exchange, updating new offers. Trading multiple items to a Mule Trading multiple items from a Mule to multiple bots Accepting trades from any account sending a trade request In the future you can expect: Option to buy a bond, use it, and change to a Members world. Walking with presets/saving Setup Instructions: Grand Exchange Add a SELL or BUY offer with your item name (exact spelling, punctuation, and capitalization as it appears in game) Set the item amount to BUY or SELL, (0 is ALL for Selling) Set the item price, either SET_ITEM_PRICE of an exact value (i.e. 99000) or quick pricing for add/subtracting 5-10% off the guide price Hit Add to select the item, and add it to the task list You can select the item and hit edit to make modifications to the list Don't forget to save the list before hitting Start so you can use it in the future by loading it Trading Add an Item by name, exact spelling and amount. Enter a no value, or a value less than or equal to 0 to trade all items Enter the accounts that you want your player to trade, supports multiple accounts Set the location (RSTile) by hitting the Refresh button that you want your player to walk to where you can expect all accounts to be at to facilitate the trading (choose a location near a Bank) Remove from the item/account list as necessary Save your settings so you can load them next time For accepting items only, enter nothing in the Trade Items tab and hit Start For trading items to your mule, enter add a single username and add all the item(s) you wish to trade your player. For trading items from your mule to your accounts, add multiple usernames and item(s) that you wish your mule to trade your players. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks and enjoy.