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  1. I've been thinking about adding the first one for a while, and adding prayer flickering for entering/exiting the Isle. The second one is a good suggestion, will definitely cut down on start-up costs as well.
  2. Okay, lets wrap this up soon so we can close this thread please.
  3. Locked thread, Script is in process of being discontinued.
  4. Your application will be reviewed this week, thanks.
  5. Should not use it, are you seeing something that indicates that it looks like it is enabled still?
  6. I will speak to @TRiLeZ to see if he wants to take on additional risk and add another tier of the credit transfer limit.
  7. This is correct, @TRiLeZ has not applied the compensation yet but will soon he has not forgotten!
  8. 11/23/2016 - V4.3 - Added new conversation in beginning of Tutorial Island - Fixed bug with [10] index correctly parsing the text to increment the value - New object clicking method, detects closest walkable tile (see snipplets section) - Fix for casting a spell on the Chicken - Additional changes throughout the tutorial focusing on areas that now have additional failsafes
  9. This should have been disabled already @Netami let me message @TRiLeZ again, sorry.
  10. Hi Sammy, ABC2 will result in human like game play and reaction sleeping. This means your actual xp rates will be lower than you are used to seeing however this will keep your account the safest.
  11. Account bans are not the Scripter's responsibility and that is not a valid reason for a refund. If there are issues in the Script, did you make multiple attempts to contact @Tri with detailed bug reports addressing your concerns?
  12. As you can see from above, some objects have multiple tiles like furnaces for example, calling Pathfinding.canReach(tile, true) on this object would tell you that you cannot reach the furnace when in fact you clearly can. This snipplet will resolve that issue should you need it and give you the closest reachable tile. Pathfinding is an expensive call so this isn't efficient at all but it is a solution that works for me in this unique case. private RSTile[] getTilesAround(int distance, RSObject object) { if (object == null) return null; List<RSTile> list = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); for (int i = (0 - distance); i < (distance + 1); i++) { for (int j = (0 - distance); j < (distance + 1); j++) { list.add(new RSTile(object.getPosition().getX() + i, object.getPosition().getY() + j, object.getPosition().getPlane())); } } return list.stream().toArray(RSTile[]::new); } private boolean canReach(RSObject object) { if (object == null) return false; if (PathFinding.canReach(object, true)) return true; RSTile[] tiles = object.getAllTiles(); for (RSTile tile : tiles) { if (PathFinding.canReach(tile, true)) return true; } return false; } private RSTile getClosestReachableTile(RSObject object) { if (object == null || !canReach(object)) return null; int radius = 0, distance = Integer.MAX_VALUE; RSTile closest = null; while (closest == null && radius <= 5) { for (int i = (0 - radius); i < (radius + 1); i++) { for (int j = (0 - radius); j < (radius + 1); j++) { RSTile tile = new RSTile(object.getPosition().getX() + i, object.getPosition().getY() + j, object.getPosition().getPlane()); if (Player.getPosition().distanceTo(tile) < distance && PathFinding.canReach(tile, false)) { closest = tile; distance = Player.getPosition().distanceTo(tile); } } } radius++; } return closest; }
  13. 11/15/2016 - V4.1 - Overhaul to the logic throughout the script to identify potential areas where your player could get stuck. Keep the reports coming, if you see any other areas where your player is acting funny take a screenshot and I will check it out. If you see it run through without issues, please post here so I can get an idea of what state we're in at this point thanks!
  14. Apologize for the delays everyone, running some accounts through tonight as I begin working on fine tuning this again. Thanks!