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  1. 01/15/2017 - V6.5 - Added a custom check to ensure your player is actually logged in before the script resumes function - Will select the lava dragon nearest your player with the lowest health ratio in the event it has to re-attack due to another function From what I could gather, some of you noticed the bot acting strangely after logging in. I have determined that the login bot which acts in two stages (login, then welcome screen) was returning control to the Script prematurely while still in the welcome screen menu. This could have caused a number of issues with items/equipment/etc. not being loaded properly causing the Script to think it needed to bank. Going off of this hunch (as I saw it once in a 6 hour run) I have added a custom validator to ensure your player is logged in before the script performs any functions.
  2. I'd be happy to look at any issues you guys have, I have a lot of time available tomorrow. If anyone has an account available please private message me here or on Skype.
  3. The system is flagging you as fradulent due to one of several reasons... this system is not open but you can speculate it is due to something like using a credit card from a country you are not currently in, using a payment from an unverified source, etc. @TRiLeZ recently (in the last few months) made some changes to allow additional risk in his eyes and open the system up however I have seen users still having issues, maybe it is time to revisit the changes and see if additional considerations can be made. I have alerted him to this thread, thanks.
  4. Sure, sounds like it is something similarly addressed above. I am available tomorrow evening and I can test however I've never been able to trigger something like this, at least when I have been watching. I will give it a shot though
  5. Do you have the pestal and mortar option selected? From the looks of your character, it appears you have all required items. The only other thing I can think of is during login the script resumes before your player is fully logged in resulting in the script observing that your player is missing key items/equipment.
  6. Do you have funds on your account? This is for their latest version of bypassing google recaptcha.
  7. That is a pretty rare bug and a result of your player misclicking on the poll booth, I can assure you I have not written code to have your player click that booth and stand idle. I can add a failsafe sometime this weekend, you're not the first to mention something similar to that.
  8. The login bot should takeover there and click the appropriate option, this is more of a client related bug. Glad you figured out your issues from before
  9. Check your bot debug, it will tell you why it shut down and what it thinks you are missing.
  10. Received, thank you. Anything else I can look at?
  11. I'd be happy to look into this, if anyone has a test account I may borrow I'll try to hop on and debug this today.
  12. To reiterate, bans are not the responsibility of the Scripter. Bugs in the Scripter however are, I have messaged the Scripter to review these comments or the Script. Please accurately post what issues you are experiencing to include details/images and he will make the appropriate changes.
  13. With any script you will get mixed results on LG, for something like this I wouldn't recommend it as there is added risk with the potential of getting pked. The regular client is much faster and will yield you better results.
  14. While you demonstrated your knowledge in the past and your experimentation with useful tooling is noted in the application, the guidelines state that you are required to apply with three working TRiBot scripts with at least one implementing full ABC. The three scripts are important because it shows us your knowledge of the API, adds scripts to the repository, and demonstrates your community involvement where we can see users feedback to your content. Please reapply with the following in consideration,
  15. Which of your scripts you are applying with demonstrates your knowledge of ABC with full implementation?