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  1. Unban the user after repayment. He performed the service but did it using methods that you both agreed should not be used, user should be traded with caution.
  2. This is true, we're all guilty of it though and sometimes one account used to modify multiple scripts gets removed and can make things problematic. I usually like to train up accounts while I have a solid one and then leave the backups until I need them but having a good relationship with your users is definitely helpful.
  3. Hmm that's probably the best guess. @weizhen123 the skill worlds are avoided and if it is somehow attempting to hop to those then that must be a misclick as they are not included in my world hopper by default.
  4. I'm usually pretty good at this but I don't think ill be able to interpret this one
  5. While a few hours is clearly an exaggeration, a few weeks is not. In your case, you stated this has been an issue for eight months; you had ample time to present a case. How these things work is you present an issue with a Script and we attempt to get the Scripter to resolve those issues in a timely fashion. If analogies paint a better picture for you, imagine starting with a small rash and instead of going into the doctors for a simple ointment, you instead wait eight months and it develops into full-body Psoriasis. It is your responsibility to alert us via this subforum when you feel you have reached a point in your relationship with the Scripter that requires outside intervention. Keeping a prolonged discussion over months and months and then expecting that you will be awarded a full refund on your first report isn't ideal, that is always a last resort as you paid and have been using a product for some time and the best resolution is to return the product to you in the order it was promised upon your payment. The script has been updated, this matter has been resolved. Should you experience issues in the future, please use this subforum and we will be happy to help.
  6. Good report @DarkFuture, ill take a look at it thanks.
  7. The case is, if you report these items sooner it will work more in your favor. This is your first report, the main issue you are having is that he did not make the necessary changes. Your dispute has brought attention to that aspect and it resulted in him making the required changes. The dispute has been resolved. Should this occur again, this thread will be taken into account and depending on the issue can result in a similar or different outcome.
  8. Long awaited, this is a release for V4.0 - Create accounts by 2captcha service - Many options for creating a randomized string, random words, account indexing, etc. - Revamped methods inside Tutorial, uses my newest ABC2 clicking methods for accuracy and antiban - Additional considerations went into this update for keeping your account safe - Many more features I forgot to add, it is a near rewrite The plan is to take this Script premium for a small fee to limit the total userbase using this script and to finally put a Premium tutorial island script on the market that is reliable. Feel free to use this in the mean time and let me know what you think. Enjoy
  9. I can add this, I do not have an account with lunars.
  10. Once it tries to deposit an item, your bag should change to full and continue as advertised on the following trip. Likely it was a misclick in the bank generated from lag, hardware, VPS, etc. should be very rare.
  11. Please use the stickied format.
  12. Agreements aren't necessarily limited to the Scripter's terms of service in the thread, they are what you two agree upon during finalizing the deal. My suggestion to you is to outline those in a more finite structure next time so it is easy to refer back to them when you feel you are being wronged. If you have issues in the future and you feel like he is being unresponsive, you can use this subforum to get a second opinion. That is what it is here for. Same instructions apply, @Leespiker let me know when this is resolved.
  13. Humans don't click on only the visible portion, visually you know the shape of the object so if half of the cow's head is sticking out of the wall your mind will interpret the rest of the shape that follows and click the same way that the clicks clicks visible objects in reality.
  14. @MSO while you are disgruntled with your transaction with @Leespiker you only just posted this dispute, what discussions you had before and the build-up that may have caused you to finally post this thread really don't add any weight to this thread. Your screenshots from September show him apologetic and willing to help. Taking a vacation in the summer seems reasonable, laptop stolen or not he still showed interest in helping come to terms. That doesn't show me anything sufficient that there was a substantial breach in your loose, undefined agreement. Next time you enter something with a Scripter, it would be best to establish a more finite understanding regarding updates and add-ons. That being said, you can look at the Scripter's history and make a well-informed decision next time. We allow them to do private scripts as they have earned the rank and are active contributors to the site, they are entirely responsible however for their dealings good or bad. He is willing to work with you, he has made changes, continue to work with him and if you have future issues you can use this subforum for assistance as you have done. @Leespiker let me know when the circumvented paypal payments have been resolved so I can close this.