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  1. Usa

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    This script requires updates.
  2. Glad you are enjoying it
  3. Should also mention a misplaced value in Unpowered staff orbs has been resolved, should be able to make those now @desser55
  4. V6.0 - RELEASED! - Script rewritten to new script framework - Methods rewritten for more robustness - Code better organized for future updates and additions - Uses new entity interaction methods - JavaFX GUI upgrade
  5. Script has been rewritten with the new framework and entity selection, making it more robust and code manageable. Also ported the GUI to JavaFX, follows the same design as the previous GUI. Release later this evening. https://gyazo.com/c0008648fc733cab35c298ac5eda346d
  6. More progress and performance tweaks, last bits are to wire up some of the other settings in the GUI hoping to release within the next couple days.
  7. Script has been updated, few improvements other than the GUI from my API refactoring give it a try! @klondite / @snow001 / @sith787
  8. Sorry about that, ill take a look when I am back home in two days.
  9. Apologies @klondite / @snow001 The API I uploaded that supports work arounds for Java FX to work with TRiBot was being tested/upgraded to support local development and I included the wrong version for you guys. I have refunded you both and will notify you when the Script is updated!
  10. You can just edit your post, I've merged your 7 posts together. Early testing is going well, still need to tweak some things for efficiency and this is without potions.
  11. Usa

    Refound zulrah script not working

    This is not a script snipplet. Please keep your comments on the script's thread, if you have a dispute to make regarding the script you can use the Script Dispute section.
  12. Those are just Start / End times for the action you're performing, you'd see [ABC2] Reaction time: ..." in the bot debug if my reaction timing were enabled. Looks like you're level 2 mining, I wouldn't expect the same rates as I was getting with 62 mining and a Dragon pickaxe.
  13. Mine your own clay and make your own Tablets!