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  1. Should be fixed now, go ahead and give it a try. Known issues: Auto progression, will fix later.
  2. Thank you to both of you, it is an issue with the JavaFX GUI I am currently working on it.
  3. Can you show me what the GUI looks like and what your crafting level is when you start it?
  4. It is... released! Go ahead and give it a run, let me know what you all think. It has been rewritten from the ground up, I've gone ~30-82+ crafting over the past week and made a few bonds.
  5. You can read up a little bit on the updates, I've rewritten the script from top to bottom. Molten glass among many new items are all added and working. Release coming soon.
  6. Update we're looking at a release by today just tuning up the paint and I will be pushing this major release.
  7. Release coming soon, lots of options... like everything! https://gyazo.com/4613f8ed0eef5c922f287f6dbcb910f6
  8. Looks like spinning flax is back on the menu boys, that profit!
  9. See anything missing here? All that I have left that I want to add is Flax. https://gyazo.com/96dbb137c4f8b7fbdbfaab64d0bec912
  10. Yes other options might include Looking Glass but that is a VIP-E option so disregard my message.
  11. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean no-one was there, check your client debug it will tell you who it evaded and what they were wearing. The loaded game region is larger than your player can see over the minimap. Make sure you are in the fixed mode, with the default world switching settings (from the login screen) You should run this in the regular client, not looking glass if you aren't already.
  12. @diar I've raised the issue with @daxmagex hopefully we can find a solution in the walker for prioritizing teleports for that very reason thanks.
  13. A complete rewrite to include the GUI, saving profiles, and all crafting items is underway! Will update this thread with more information.
  14. No I don't see a need for that, use mystic robes if you want to risk. Dieing with 500k+ in loot in your inventory is the real risk, not a 4th item.
  15. V9.9 - 06/10/2018 - Faster looting - Improved walking - New option for teleport item to Lava Dragon (Burning amulet or Games necklace) - Additional failsafe for threat detection to prevent detection of enemy players when not in wilderness - Other minor improvements to looting bag, looting class, etc. - GUI changes Removed friendly players option, will also bank visage immediately by default.