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  1. Is the looting bag ACTUALLY full or is it just displaying that it is full?
  2. I can confirm its with the edge case of making chairs with that object blocking walkable tile, larders (which im on now) works great
  3. It walks to the location now, but just a heads up your condition is returning too early and causing spam clicking (~5-6 clicks) on the target tile until your player is about a tile away.
  4. Just idles there indefinitely after teleport to house from castle wars bank. When moving the player to the standing position, it will begin to build again.
  5. Are you using LG? It has a failsafe built in to check three times if the items exist or not already.
  6. I dont currently have an account with that high of level crafting, can I borrow the account or have you collect the interface that the make interface is on?
  7. Usa

    Looting Noted Vs Un-Noted

  8. Old school pricing isn't accurate, normally I buy red topaz for 4500 and silver bar for 100 and sell the amulet for 5400. It results in 800k/hr but it can take longer to buy items at these prices. Tighten those gaps and still make a hefty profit like the OSBuddy pricing shows below.
  9. Thank you for your bug report, try V5.5
  10. 06/27/2018 - V13.0 (Major) - Improved combat methods, much faster attacking and movement with optimized camera/walking movements - Traveling to/from bank improved, now prioritizes ring of dueling for banking at Castle Wars over Glory teleport - Refined clan wars logic, will still reset your player if skulled out of prayer or poisoned - Other stuff I forgot I've added since the last week I started this update
  11. USA Crafter has been completely rewritten from the ground up. It efficiently crafts many items and most can generate a hefty profit with the recent addition of gem's. Cutting, crafting, stringing all generate a nice profit and items sell quickly as they are used in game. Red topaz amulet (u) is the best crafting money making method currently and generates 75K+/hr XP and 600k/hr in gold based on pricing. Jade amulet (u) will also generate a nice profit of 400k/hr and great experience based on pricing. Gold bracelet is still a staple in crafting and can generate upwards of 200k/hour based on pricing. Use promo code, LETSCRAFT for 25% off for a limited time up over the next month. Click here to purchase or the image below!
  12. V5.3 - 06/25/2018 - Now uses hot keys for crafting interfaces if they exist (Spinning, uncut gems, leather, molten glass, etc.) - Prints item pricing and profit/loss in the client debug for detailed information - An issue with auto progression is resolved - Will use the escape key to close interfaces (i.e. bank) if set in your in-game user settings
  13. You are most certainly correct, I dont remember ever altering mine but I've fixed the issue thanks
  14. I haven't modified any of my game settings from the default and escape key works for me for closing. I've added a failsafe in my API for users who may have different settings that will apply in the next update.