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  1. Im disabling this script until I can rewrite it to a higher standard. It was written in May of 2013 and has lasted a long time, while it still works there are many improvements I can make.
  2. The script has been updated friends, was an issue with an obscure import that worked fine locally but not on the repository with no real solution until I started rebuilding it. I've refunded all of you that were affected during the down time, feel free to repurchase.
  3. On a more positive note, I ran those 3 accounts for 10 hours last night no issues.
  4. I tried uploading it last night and now again, for some reason its not accepting on the repository and its spitting our an error message im not familiar with --- waiting for a response.
  5. Script uses my updated world hopper, appears the only issue and fixed.
  6. V14.9 - 1/28/2019 - Uses my in game world hopper, updated interfaces - GUI loads once the player is loaded so settings are automatically loaded once the GUI appears instead of having to restart
  7. The client has been down, several broken API methods which I have no control over. The update last night apparently did not fix any of the issues, I see the world hopper is still broken as well on my client. Best we can do is wait for an update.
  8. The instructions are pretty clear on the first page of this thread, let me know if I can make something more clear or if there is anything missing.
  9. Awesome work guys, great to see you guys finishing this up strong.
  10. Thanks for the feedback @superbuster4 this script was my first premium script written in 2013 and the code base hasn't changed much unbelievably. I do intend to revisit this script soon and rewrite it as well as expand it to craft other runes.
  11. 1. I may be able to make some modifications here, but its also checking for other threats, pkers, health, etc. stability is key 2. Not much to do here, users complain about the bot going down to too low health and losing an entire inventory 100k+ better to just make another trip 3. It will drink potions whenever that specific stat is equal to your base value, never before 4. Depends when the dragon spawns, I may be able to add logic to detect if a closer one appears and adjust
  12. It will use clan wars if you are poisoned, out of prayer or skulled. Those are the normal conditions your player would encounter in this script. Antifire isn't added yet but has been requested. In testing I haven't seen a need for it when anti-dragon shield blocks most of the damage, tuna is pretty cheap.
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