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  1. @TRiLeZ said he would update it yesterday, should be soon!

    By chance did you have any Monkfish?
  3. An update for you all, the script is being denied in the repository because of the new API changes. I will push the update as soon as TRiLeZ updates the repository compiler and let you all know.
  4. You know, I saw that the other day literally had no idea what the item was but that would be a strong addition I think in the near future.
  5. V12.0 (Major release) - New camera class that pretty much everything will benefit from - New walking class, primarily uses dax walker and some screen / minimap walking for shorter distances - Banking bug fixes, rewritten methods - World hopper improvements - Smarter logic all around for resetting player poisoned/prayer/skull at Clan Wars - New combat class, extremely efficient
  6. V9.3 - Banking bug fixes - Rewrote anti-pk thread, much faster ran for 6+ hours and had 0 deaths - New async camera class to replace previous, rotates camera angle/rotation together for efficiency - New walking class, more reliable on screen walking generates a path visible on screen - Fixed glory teleport bug below 30 wilderness when walking to bank
  7. V4.3 - Silver crafting - Added Opal ring - Added Unstrung symbol - Added Opal necklace - Added Unholy symbol - Added Silver sickle - Added Opal bracelet - Added Tiara - Added Opal amulet
  8. V9.1 - Additional banking fixes - Improved anti-pk Thanks for the account @saulszinc
  9. @normad007 there were some banking changes, I should be pushing shortly.
  10. V9.0 - Completely uses Dax Walker now, improved movement in the game. - World hopper bug fixes and improvements, hovers over logout button from world switcher now - Improved consumables class (eating and drinking potions) - Faster looting - Rewrote logic for traveling to/from Lava Dragon isle - Banking bug fixes and improvements - Trips and kills should now be correctly shown in the paint
  11. Its more of members accounts with supplies, I run mine through abuse for your benefit so they don't tend to last long.
  12. You should just be able to restart your client
  13. Sure I dont have the requirements to make that, do you have an account you would be able to lend me?
  14. How do YOU plan out your script?

    1. Gather requirements (project scope, process, flow, etc.) 2. Start out basic and build out skeleton of the process, implement empty functions to gain a better understanding. 3. Begin to implement functionality, one architectural piece at a time and refactor during the process as you build out other areas. 4. Refactor. 5. Come back in a month and rewrite the script.