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  1. Seems to not be a lot of talk about this script in a while.. is it still happening?
  2. Not the best before and after, but good on ya bro. Keep the gains coming
  3. A simple boss killing script for mole, chaos fanatic, KBD.
  4. vipcredits

    What is a premium script you would like to see?

    KBD killer, mole killer, or any other pet possible boss
  5. waiting for nieve!! any eta?
  6. vipcredits

    2 clients at same time issue

    Love the song post !! This issue extends to the one client per bot at a time. I've had an issue with it for a while with xp per hour being the primary client, but showing up on other clients/tabs.
  7. vipcredits

    2 clients at same time issue

    Anyone have issues while running multiple clients, or instances of one script? My 2nd script running is picking up all the values of the first script running. Say my first script is fighting cows, and i go to start another account fighting somthing else, the values displayed are just cows and tiles from my first script. I tried this running two different combat bots and it did the same thing..
  8. I have been doing slayer in the gnome stronghold,, and they bot simply wants to bank right upon start up if stopping once slayer task is completed. That function doesnt seems to work. Also, When i try to run multiple instances of the script, my second client or second tab ends displaying tha same information for monsters and tiles as my original. I've tried running tribot in two wondows, and ive tried running the script in 2 tabs. This also occurs with other scripts. Am i doing something wrong?
  9. vipcredits

    WB Farmer BETA

    did this ever happen?
  10. can you add a option to idle if activity bar above x% with 1-2 portals left. When i play, I tend just to sit at a portal or the void night until most portals are down, and then idle until finished. I know this isnt conducive to successful runs, but human like to me.. Not sure if this is a desirable trait for others..
  11. I tend not to use tele tabs for a lot of things, anyway you can add teleport options for rings and necklaces. Say my slayer task is done, teleport back to the stronghold using slayer ring..
  12. Keep the hype going and update us with progress
  13. Anyone have good pure cannon spots? I've used caged ogres and CW ogres for a while, but they are oddly crowded during peak times. Anyone else got some good ones with safe spots?
  14. vipcredits

    WB Farmer BETA

    Any ETA on an open beta?
  15. vipcredits

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    i seen a video of perfect fighter, they have a zone area where it will click monsters and safespot. So you stand behind a chair and a zone of 2 tiles by 6 is set on the other side... if npc is found in zone, it will click the npc.