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  1. ILL

    [WARNING] Turn off Auto Responder!

    I have no idea why this shit isn't disabled by default. So annoying with multiple clients.
  2. Why not just add an option for full ABCL10 for those who choose to use it? EDIT: Or do you mean that the script won't function correctly by "hinder performance"? and not that it will just use more ram as what i thought you meant.
  3. Added you on skype and waited all day for you to get on. it doesn't even start. i fill out the gui and changed only one thing which is whati want to train on. i chose lumb men and it would not even start.
  4. I cant get it to work. I chose lumb men but when i click start nothing happens. I also tried custom id for lumb men.
  5. Smocking rock- pick breaks- drops broken rune pick- LOGIC. Please fix it. You said it location specific but 95% people use the same godamn location. Not hard to check 3 locations every once in a while. Varrock Iron is where it seemed the worst.
  6. ILL

    [Paid Request] [45-100+$] Basic-Advanced Script

    I believe Erick's Exmerch can do a lot of these things if not all. Also you gonna need deeper pockets for a private script. Best you can get for that is LogicPro by Assume.
  7. Hey i'm having issues with custom M1D1 again. I input custom ids since i figured they were outdated. But it still just mines one rock and doesnt do anything after until i manually drop that rock and it will only mine one after that again. EDIT: I'll send the script trace next time i run it.
  8. Are you using a pouch retriever? ids may have changed or you made a mistake. Make sure you have ALL pouches you have in your inven. It takes very long sometimes but not that long.
  9. ILL

    Botting on mule

    Personally would not risk it. Just make another account.
  10. OK, i think i found the reason the script is stopping for me. Its not crashing or ending just stops mining. Whenever it misclicks and doesn't drop an ore, or when a gem appears in the inven it stops until i drop it. Then resumes when i do drop it.
  11. Custom M1D1 still isn't working. It will start mining an stop after a few rocks and it seems like it happens when it detects smocking rock.
  12. Custom M1D1 isn't working for me anymore. SOmetimes will mine just one rock and stop but now not even minning one.