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  1. is this high ban rate atm? really want to do it on my main
  2. Just got 99 agility today, didn't get a screenshot of it because I accidently x'd out of the client but thank you! (sad that I x'd out on a 35 hour proggy
  3. it sat in the corner with the chest just spam clicking outside of the map. Edit: Just as I posted this I noticed I was on lunars ;o stupid me. I'm going to switch to normal spellbook and see if that was the problem! Edit #2 : Just tested by starting script at the lumbridge basement and it worked, sorry for not checking before reporting.
  4. This script is amazing, but do you think you can add for when it gets teleported to an unknown place it logs off? I was teleported to lumbridge basement yesterday and it was sitting there for like a few hours. ( i had it set to teleport to ardougne using tabs but it just kep clicking on map and saying "character hasn't moved for 2 minutes. trying to home teleport... and doesn't do anything
  5. You're updating the script fast I see that's a good thing! Can't wait to buy the script.
  6. thanks for updates I really love this script i'm at 92/99 agility on my main hope to get it by next week
  7. Hello do you still need an account that can npc contact? I could lend you mine :)I'm planning on buying this script next week so would be a nice feature to have! Just message me if you still need.
  8. Amount of gold to sell: 38m Payment method: paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: skype Have u added me already: yes Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: yes
  9. Oh okay thanks yea the sig isn't that important but was just wondering thanks on reply
  10. Why does my signature not show anything? I've used this script for over 50k laws, 10k+ nats and some cosmics
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