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  1. Sorry, per running of the script over an extended period of time. Before when running the exact same period of time I would get 2-3 deaths per account. Now its upwards of 7.
  2. Deaths are extremely high right now when running the script. I went from 2-3 death per run to 7-10 deaths per run. People are abusing the scripts PKer tracking. Sometimes the script outright does not detect PKers.
  3. Script needs to be updated to avoid the new DMM worlds. Currently unusable without this fix.
  4. Can a private script interact with an existing script, as in run while running an existing script? Example: Existing script runs, if event X happens, existing script is paused, the private script takes over and handles event X, once event X is over it resumes the existing script?
  5. I have 7 proxies saved and running properly, but I am trying to add more. Initially it saves properly, but when I launch a new applet it reverts the the old settings. Is there a limit on the number of saved proxies via client?
  6. Which is safer from peoples experience, running all day(20-24 hours), but breaking for 1/3 the time (run ~3 hours, break 1.5 hours) or running 8 hours straight then breaking for 10-12 hours. This is for a larger amount of accounts running a premium script on individual proxies.
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