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  1. Update Again: I am just stupid. I was on resizable mode and didn't realize. Sorry everyone.
  2. Update: I got WebWalker instead of WebWalking but he still moves to the same spot right outside the bank. I got nothing. Here's my code as of now. public void run() { boolean infinite = true; Mouse.setSpeed(150); while (infinite) { if (loop() != 1) break; } } private int loop() { if (!Banking.isInBank()) { walktobank(); } return 1; } private void walktobank() { WebWalker.walkToBank(); } }
  3. The specific tile I was using was right at a bank booth, but when I used that or the webwalking, they both took me just outside. I'll check out daxmagex though and I 'll just keep playing with it until I get some stuff to work. Thanks so much everyone for your help!
  4. Yeah, I fixed the loop as well. My character still runs to a very extremely specific spot no matter what I use to tell him to go to the bank. I'm still not quite sure why, unless I didn't fix the loop the right way
  5. I tried using a specific RSTile, which was really weird because that still just took me outside of the bank and not to the tile I told it to go to. I was using walkPath and generateStraightPath and all those other ones. I read that WebWalking.walkToBank(); should walk me to a bank, is this not true?
  6. Hello everyone, As a noob to this whole ordeal, I have what I would imagine is a pretty stupid question. I am just testing out some simple stuff, yet I can't quite get it to work. I simply want to check to see if my character is standing in the bank, and if he is not, walk to the bank. Very straight forward to me, but it isn't working. When I run the script, my character desperately runs towards one tile outside of the bank. If anyone has any ideas, please throw them at me. Thanks everyone! here's my code public void run() { boolean infinite = true; Mouse.setSpeed(150); while (infinite) { if (loop() != 1) break; } } private int loop() { if (!Banking.isInBank()) { walktobank(); } return 0; } private void walktobank() { WebWalking.walkToBank(); } }
  7. I do have the ScriptManifest. I also fixed the problem. Not sure how, I don't think I actually did anything, but it's fixed. Thanks for the response though!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a rather new scripter here, but I have had a little success in the past. After having to take a break from scripting, I am coming back and finding a problem I never had before. When I click "view local script folder" I see my agility script and my woodcutting and my mining script as I should. However, when I go to start the script, only my agility folder is there (the agility script was a practice we're I followed along with an open source code just to test things out and was made before I had to take a break from scripting). I would assume that if my local scripts folder recognized my two new scripts, I would be able to run them. I have had a few other easy combat scripts that I have made completely on my own and ran them on my own, but I don't remember how I got them to show up. I think it has something to do with how I have their paths set up, but I am still not very good at this whole process yet. Thanks for any help and good luck everyone! ccnetminder
  9. I'm trying to learn Java by learning scripting, it seems like a lot more fun than sitting through tutorials with "Hello World" again.
  10. Could I get an example of what that might look like? I think I know what to look for, but I still am not too sure. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hello everyone (again), For a little while, I have been working on a modified agility bot from an open source here and ran into some trouble with the code (before I go any further, I want to mention the code wasn't mine, all credit belongs to the author "Stewiekidz." His script is awesome and very detailed, I just wanted to try and recreate it to learn some things about scripting and coding in general). As an intro level coder, I don't really understand this error or quite what this particular part of the script does. I believe it's a way for the code to get some starting points and initializing (because the method is called initialize). Here is the code private void initialize() { General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); Mouse.setSpeed(General.random(150, 200)); Collections.addAll(tasks, new Antiban(), new Bank(), new EatFood(), new WalkToStartArea(), new AlKharidRoof(), new DraynorRoof(), new SeersRoof(), new VarrockRoof()); // removed new PickUpMarks() start_xp = Skills.getXP(SKILLS.AGILITY); start_lvl = Skills.getActualLevel(SKILLS.AGILITY); The error is under "add all" and it gives me this The method addAll(Collection<? super T>, T...) in the type Collections is not applicable for the arguments (ArrayList<Task>, Antiban, Bank, EatFood, WalkToStartArea, AlKharidRoof, DraynorRoof, SeersRoof, VarrockRoof) Sorry if this is an easy fix, I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm still very new and learning. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Thanks everyone edit: I'm actually having a bit of trouble implementing this into my code. Again, I am very new to coding and really have no idea what i'm doing. Is the Combat.isUnderAttack meant to for the cow already being under attack or I am under attack? Because couldn't I do the same thing by saying Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat() ? Maybe i'm not thinking about this right, I'm not really sure though.
  13. Hello everyone, I've made a few posts looking for help and you guys have been really helpful so far, but I would like your help one more time. I am a new script writer and barely know much about coding, so forgive me if this is an easy one. I am looking for a way for my bot to not attack things that are already in combat. That seems like a dead give away for Jagex that I am botting. If anyone has any tips or snippets of code that could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone for all your help.
  14. Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it. The tutorial I was using must be outdated then, I'm glad I know now.
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