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  1. You literally tried to hack my account. What the fuck is your problem? Burn in a fucking sandpit, mofo.

  2. RS just got updated, maybe that's the problem
  3. Flickering + 1~2 weeks in order to repair world hopping + DURING A 4 DAYS FREE MEMBERSHIP + everything that happened in the past Try tribot right now. It's not working properly, alright, you know that. But do you know it's been like that for the last 11 days? And can you believe it will not be fixed any time soon? Have you been here during the 12 hooks problem 3~4 months ago? 3 weeks to repair an update
  4. Yeah. Hate to be that guy but, I'm thinking about jumping out of the boat too
  5. Sadly that's how it goes now when it's about fixing. Always taking a long time. Hooks, world hopping, now the flickering
  6. It doesn't hop worlds properly anymore due to new worlds can you fix it?
  7. Many scripts aren't even working atm
  8. Mine is saying "Error, service not avaliable" when I try to login on tribot
  9. Click on resume button when that happen and check if it works
  10. supremo

    It's a giraffe

    Whoever gets this thing will probably use it on the streets
  11. Alright so, if I will be using 2 accounts and each auth has 1 instance, is possible to buy 2 auths of t he same script?
  12. Sadly i don't know many people on the community Also, I doubt people would share their private lists When I have free time today, I will read puro puro entire posts to see if someone really wanted it. Finding someone who wanted it and ask this person is our best bet right now
  13. I can assure you none of the puro puro scripts on the repository works So your best bet will be someone with a private script
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