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  1. I have never once botted on this account since I made it and it has gotten banned for macroing? I am trying to figure out how the fuck it got banned I play on tribot, but I never ran one script. Account banned for macroing in OldSchool. Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex. Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being 'totally undetectable' or 'no ban guaranteed' are inaccurate. As such your account has been permanently removed from game. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules should you wish to create another account. I had good amount of loot on it so im kinda pissed. How the hell did it get banned if it never botted? they say they have evidence? can't appeal, also had members.
  2. Why wouldn't they ban my mule?
  3. I am using Kilik's ultimate auto types script? That alone got my 13 year account banned other accounts new freshies extutorial and someone's walking script forgot which one. They don't last more then a min.
  4. For a dice clan chat. They pay me good money hour to advert but I'm losing my profits atm since all the adverts keep getting banned. It's how I pay for tribot don't judge. I how know idea how they are getting banned so fast though like literally mins of adverting on my main 13 year account got banned. I don't care btw I only care about gp anymore, I just make more accounts.
  5. Hey I was wondering if its just normal to have my advert accounts get banned before they even get out of tutorial island or a few mins after they start adverting? Anyone have any advice? I am using bots to get them through just didn't think they would be getting banned so fast literally like 5 mins or less. Also my main account I don't really care for 13 years old got banned adverting is this normal? Using kill auto script I believe its the only one that works.
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