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  1. I was manually testing some shops to perhaps bot later on and I noticed a weird pattern. Anywhere between like 8/9am to 6/7pm (UK time) the shops are basically stocked w/ items and all the other people there (if any) are alchers and definitely not bots. But come 6pm they crawl out of some fucking dark hole and flood the shops like crazy. It's pretty annoying. So I have an idea as to why this could be but I'd need someone to confirm or add to it as I can't be too sure.. Is it because of the Jagex working hours? And if so, is there any data/proof/anything proving it?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new here so this issue is probably because of that. Nevertheless, the issue is this: - Entered the amount - Method selected - CC/Alipay - Press purchase After pressing the 'purchase' button the page simply does a refresh and I so far I haven't gotten any further with it. Any help regarding this appreciated, thanks.