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  1. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    i Think im gonna do a fresh install of windows see if that does anything
  2. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    Im trying to use the proxies on my home computer, also do you think my proxy ip being located in buffalo newyork and the dns server my computer keeps using being in florida isnt an issue? Like do you think jagax is able to interpret that information.
  3. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    I made 1 account on a fresh proxy i just bought and i used ExTutorial to do tutorial island and then while i was running to the GE the account go locked
  4. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    I used ExTutorial. ill try hand doing tutorial island and see if i get banned.
  5. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    so if i hand did tutorial island it would work? ive botted tutorial island on my vps and all the accounts worked perfectly fine.
  6. bhdannykid

    My accounts keep getting disabled

    All of the accounts i make get disabled right after tutorial island. I make the accounts like so: First i use proxifier to enable my FRESH socks5 proxy and make the proxy the default connection. I then go to firefox and go to the website https://whoer.net/, according to this website i am 100% anonymous and my ip shows up as the proxy adress(So i know 100% the proxy is working). I then make the runescape account on firefox then proceed to open up tribot while running the same exact proxy that i made the account with. After tutorial island my account gets locked. This has happened multiple times on fresh proxies from 2 different sellers. Im fairly certain that the proxies are not flagged. The only thing that i can think off is a Leak of some sorts from my ip. According to whoer.com the proxy is located in buffalo new york but it shows that the Dns server i use is somewhere around Florida(where i live), I think this is the issue. Ive tried everything to try to fix this but i have no clue what to do. Ive tried changing my DNS settings manually through network and sharing on windows but that didnt work. Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  7. I tried suiciding an account at karmaja to see how long i could last but after running the script for 6 hours i came back to it glitched outside the pear rapidly moving the camera with my guy standing still. I only got 120 lobster in 6 hours. Ill do another run and see if it happens again. It messed up again after 53 lobster, mouse is spasing out of the top of the screen :/
  8. bhdannykid

    NewBotterFTW Isn't Jesus Anymore? Who Knew!?

    Does this script support rellekks banking with the quest glitch
  9. Getting the same thing as Xiora, menu isn't working. it will say it's asking for permission to allow connections, which I have already granted, it will then download the script and run it then the menu pops up all glitched