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  1. break handler is not opening anything when clicked.
  2. Bumping for attention if that's allowed
  3. I can't do anything to get looking glass working. I've searched most threads, deleted files, and downloaded everything I could
  4. Well, at least I know someone else is having this issue..
  5. Just starting the OSRSshaded.jar by itself, it attempts to connect to the update server for runescape but then just sits at a black screen with no prompts or anything. You ever seen this before? It does the same thing when I launch it from looking glass..
  6. Do you know if it's compatible with Tribot 11? I can't seem to get it working but I'm definitely willing to chalk it up to user error.
  7. Thanks bud, I'll try this but the date says it was last updated in march. I'm assuming this is fine if other people are using it?
  8. I'm having this issue as well, I CANNOT use looking glass. Steps to reproduce: Install JDK8u251 At this point you can open Tribot successfully. Then install JDK11.0.7 You will be unable to open Tribot any longer, but you will now be able to open the openOSRS.jar This is a problem because Tribot uses JDK8, while openOSRS uses JDK11, but both cannot be installed if you want any chance of starting up Tribot. If anyone has a hotfix for this I'm all ears. I imagine it has something with directing tribot to use the JDK8 javaw.exe but I tried that and still nothing..
  9. What needs to be fixed immediately with TRiBot 11: What should be fixed soon for TRiBot 11: Descriptions for options in the settings need to be more thoroughly explained, I'm left wondering what some of them actually do. This makes first time setup for a new user like myself difficult, and with no setup guide I'm left to guess. Other misc feedback:
  10. Hey Marcus, is the script compatible with tribot 11? Do you know if that click issue is present if so?
  11. You convinced me. I'll be trying your setup after the update and get it then. Your name looks familiar now that I think about it, you've been scripting here for quite some time yeah? Did you used to be on the old forums like iBot?
  12. I guess my answer to your question is your script is the only script I would consider using on my account as of now, my standards may be too high admittedly. Also, me being out of the loop for a little over a year, would I stand to gain significantly by purchasing VIP and getting access to 'human mouse movements'? Do you have any impression if the data leads you to believe VIP accounts receive fewer bans this way?
  13. I really want to purchase access, I've had my eye on this script since I heard about it. Recent updates are really pushing me towards purchasing, but recent replies are leaving me with worry about bans though. Banning at the end of twitch prime makes sense, but to even begin banning means they've profiled parts of the script, right? I guess I'm looking to be convinced to buy it. Do I have valid concerns?
  14. actually safespotting is just broken for whatever reason.. i kinda need this fixed and is the reason i bought this..
  15. bot isn't handling the range safespot in taverly dungeon blue drags area. Keeps walking back and forth when in NO_TARGET status, happens near the west corner where the tunnel leads.
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