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  1. I don't think there is a CLI to launch the tribot client with proxies/logins/scripts etc. I think the best you can get away with is using one command on your local machine to start up the tribot clients on all of your machines, then still logging in to each machine to configure the tribot client. Edit: You could set up ssh shell/batch scripts depending on OS to remotely launch the .jar files, or set up something like chef to run remote commands. There are about to a million ways to run remote commands, which one fits you probably just depends on your skillset.
  2. Good read thanks for posting! Its a dark void out there trying to learn about this stuff, and its nice to hear opinions from someone who has made it work. Most people who have figured it out are reluctant to share anything.
  3. How are you guys calculating path distance for the ABCUtil#generateWalkingPreference(int length) Currently I'm using Math.hypot(Player_Tile, Destination_Tile) Is this sufficient or are you guys calculating path distance a different way?
  4. I realized I simply was not waiting long enough @Worthy. They occur much more infrequently than I had initially thought. I will try your suggestion @FALSkills, I have not implemented the generating trackers yet. @dragon.knight12377 I think that some actions will not occur if you are idle, such as the checkXP action (its my understanding that it requires you to be gaining XP for it to check XP, otherwise it does not know what to check -- that is just from another forum post I read, take it with a grain of salt). Thanks everybody!
  5. I am attempting to get ABC2 going and can not even get the Timed Actions to execute. If I start a blank script that we can pretend is waiting indefinitely (like the example below), the player never does any of these antiban actions. What am I missing? @Override public void run() { General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); abc = new ABCUtil(); while(true){ if (abc.shouldCheckTabs()){ println("checkTabs"); abc.checkTabs(); } if (abc.shouldCheckXP()){ println("checkXP"); abc.checkXP(); } if (abc.shouldExamineEntity()){ println("examineEntity"); abc.examineEntity(); } if (abc.shouldMoveMouse()){ println("moveMouse"); abc.moveMouse(); } if (abc.shouldPickupMouse()){ println("pickupMouse"); abc.pickupMouse(); } if (abc.shouldRightClick()){ println("rightClick"); abc.rightClick(); } if (abc.shouldRotateCamera()){ println("rotateCamera"); abc.rotateCamera(); } if (abc.shouldLeaveGame()){ println("leaveGame"); abc.leaveGame(); } }
  6. Thanks erickho123! Do you have any insight as to why use General.sleep over the other two? Thanks
  7. How do you guys implement wait times between actions which terminate quickly (ie. woodcutting a normal "Tree" with high woodcutting, tree disappears quickly) or players in mini games (in which a normal player would usually be more attentive than afk skilling). The idea is that I would like to use the ABC_Util method for actions like this in order to make my players have humanlike reactions, but it is just too damn slow when doing these kind of activities. If I chop a tree down and it takes 1 second, sometimes I end up waiting another 12 seconds before moving on to the next tree. Would it be consider bad practice or tarnish the validity of these reaction times to simply use a multiplication factor (like .5) to determine reaction times? This seems cheap to me. Let me know what your guys' opinions are on the best way to implement this are. Thanks!
  8. Can somebody point me in the right direction for coding in on screen drawings? ie. draw square around current target, etc. I haven't been able to find anything poking through the documentation. Thanks!
  9. Scripts.sleep(), general.sleep(), and ABCUtil.sleep() all seem to function relatively the same. I would guess ABCUtil is the newest and it throws an InterruptedException, which I am assuming is thrown by the Stop Script button in the client.. Which one should we used for fixed sleeps? ABCUtil?
  10. I am learning triBot's API and the current webwalker seems to behave oddly. My script stays in a small area of perhaps 20x20 tiles. Occasionally the Player needs to move to a different random tile that is a small translation of the current position. However, instead of walking directly to this tile using webwalker, almost every time or very often it will walk just outside of my area as if it is walking to a more common checkpoint THEN calculating the path to my tile from there. This results in really roundabout pathing that is not at all humanlike. I have seen some other methods for walking such as Walking.walkTo(), Walking.blindWalkTo(), Walking.walkPath, etc. Should I be using the Walking class for this/in general? What do people generally use? I read on another post that webwalking is relatively broken on tribot and there are some users who have written their own walking libraries, however it is what trilez uses in his guides. All feedback/discussion greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. Does anything extra need to be added to a script for VIP-E users to utilize human mouse data or is that handled by the client automatically based on subscription status? Thanks!
  12. Are mouse movement modes completely handled by the client (if user is VIP-E, automatically enables HMD), or does a special API call/flag need to be set from within a script as I write it in order to enable human mouse data movements for VIP-E users? Sorry if this information is available somewhere, I've been scouring the topics and can't find the answer.
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