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  1. one of my lower level accs keeps on dying... was doing fine earlier, please hop on skype.\ also you should add veng support.
  2. i've msged you my set up and gui, if you could please help me maximize my kills that would be dope as fuck as i plan on buying the unlimited auth once i see how much i can make off 1 main in 2 weeks . i have upgraded a gear a lil more than gyazo (i.e fury instead of glory really)
  3. Awesome, will you be on skype tonight or can i pm you a picture with my setup ? Thanks mate
  4. Im using void and ahrims on a near maxed acc and i cant break 1m an hour, it dies like every 3-4 kills... What setups are people using to minimize these deaths? Also, sometimes itll get tapped between fog and click back and forth and just die... Overall really good but if you accept my skype request and help me maximize kills cuz i dont get how somepeople have 1-2 deaths and 100 kills yet i die every 4-5 times...
  5. I tried downloading tribot, i get a winrar file that everytime i extract it just goes to the winrar page and when i open the file i don't see any .jar...