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  1. Hey, I was planning on botting some fletching, but its been a while, do you guys know which bot is the best right now? Also what are the ban rates for fletching, the best place to fletch, and some good practices? I know that fletching on 85+ accounts is a bit more risky. Thanks for reading
  2. i'll sell for osrs if you have an mm
  3. looking for 9 credits for 10m osrs hmu
  4. can you go first?
  5. buying 10 osrs credits 10m
  6. neeed vip extended
  7. buying 10 credits
  8. does this support shilo village fishing? like does it work?
  9. my friend is using looking glass on a different computer, same script, running flawlessly. this is obviously not the reason... it's been happening all day. can you get on skype or team viewer and help me out?
  10. damn really...
  11. sounds good. Hit me up with them credits and pm me your rsn and world to meet in
  12. 8m?