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  1. Fairly sure world hopping is broken. It will continually click the world you are on and the scroll bar, but never actually hop to anything.
  2. Is there a large red banner at the top of the website
  3. Theres a massive red banner at the top of the website that says "TriBot Down (September 28th, 2018)"
  4. I'm having an issue where I cant type in any of the text fields to change values in any script. Clicking the text box does nothing, no cursor either. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. yeah I'd like a refund. Completely useless at black salamanders. Prioritizes any fallen traps over caught ones, and with 5 traps at once something is usually fallen so the caught traps never get collected.
  6. Works mostly good at red sallys. The only issues are that it prioritizes failed traps over caught ones and sometimes misses the 4th trap, and it continuously clicks the mini map to get to a location that you're standing in. Makes it pretty obvious ? EDIT: The mini map issue only occurs when doing 4 traps at red sallys, changing it to 3 traps makes it not use the mini map at all EDIT2: Spoke too soon lol uses the mini map way too much, even when you're already standing in the square it wants to go, it clicks the mini map just to be sure
  7. needs updating. Doesn't bank for food at ardy knights just sits there. No dodgy necklace support either
  8. Seems pretty slow unless i have settings wrong. Waits around 3 seconds after a kill to start attacking the next one. Not trying to shit on the script or anything just saying my experience, is there anyway to get the credits refunded? I've tried a bunch of different settings but i couldnt seem to fix it
  9. has worked flawlessly over the past few days, only downside i can see is that theres no option to loot items worth more than a set amount. Other than that its perfect, thanks for the great script
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