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  1. Nothing stopping you botting mate, just get some binoculars! If this was not an existing issue from download, maybe re-install.
  2. Appreciate it mate, I barely completed the 'Hello World' tutorial in Java, so this option won't be the one for me, ha. I have a few other bots i'm using to get round the issue, ill probably have to wait until they/if they implement it as a removable feature. Thanks mate.
  3. Thanks for the genuine reply. Looking at the bot interface, I have the option to 'explore interfaces' which brings up nothing like you mention. Could you please elaborate a little?
  4. I should have known what to expect I guess ! ...
  5. Thanks bruh!
  6. good one.. ignore this guy!
  7. Hi Guys, I have searched and searched for threads, and a way to remove the red trails, and red 'x' for the mouse ... I am prone to migraines and this seems to drastically set them off! As a future thought, please can you implement an option to dissable it, or change the colour. Red is my trigger!!! Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the guide, it answered all my questions (y)
  9. Hey @Aropupu , Thanks for the script, its awesome and just what I was looking for. Can you please tell me - is there a way to hide the GUI? it takes up the chat box and I like to see if im being called a bot etc :L. Thanks! Edit: found it in settings, nice work mate.