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  1. The Ent Detection fails at Magics. Other than that very good script
  2. Just and update on latest possible problem. Starting in bank it gets stuck right at the trees in front of the bank, also on the Return Path it does this.
  3. Works great. Only problem is that it tries to notify my android everytime i get a random even though i did not click that option at start up. Thus, it will log me out and not log me back in.
  4. Woodcut is the quickest for high GP but high rate of ban. RC is also a great money maker and it doesnt take long to get to nats, and not sure on the ban rate on it.
  5. I am having the same problems it freezes the runescape page on startup once i start the script.
  6. The script freezes my client soon as i start it. I am not sure whether it is my computer or if anyone else is having these problems. I enjoy this script very much tho btw.
  7. Will not bank. Just stands in the bank saying WALK TO BANK.
  8. yeah. if you logged out you wont be able to log back in until they reboot the hosts or whatever it is they need to do
  9. Technically the majority vote is 75%. The standard was set. Chill out and read a book or something.