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  1. good point on the 3-12pm ! Im running 2 accounts, i will use the crappy one during them hours, thanks
  2. How many hours do you guys bot per day (per account if more then one) & howmany breaks/after how long?
  3. Thanks to @CharlesEppes for hopping on teamviewer and finding the problem out for me, kudos!
  4. if you could help me on teamviewer that would be great
  5. I have been trying but upon trying to login to Tribot with a proxy selected i get the error : Connection Timed Out I have also tried loading tribot without a proxy then enabling the proxy on LG But then i get the error on rs: Connection timed out. Please try using a different world
  6. I need to do a few quests before botting, Do i have to use the tribot client + GL Mode to use the proxies for these accounts or is there another way?
  7. Last location before getting banned?: Clan Wars Bank Skill botted?: Zulrah Slayer Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 3-4 hr break How long did you bot per day? Had the bot for 7-8hrs, botted for 2 sessions of 2hrs Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No for the first 2hours, yes for second 2hrs (GL Also) Scripts Used? Zulrah Slayer V2 Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?: One Date banned?: 04/12/2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Main account, 4-5years old Added: Possibly my fault for not using a proxy/GL Mode for the first 2hrs?
  8. I dont know if im looking in the wrong place but 9/10 threads i go on are outdated? I cant even find a air orb/hide tanning script which is up to date, a little help please
  9. bobbafett

    VIP-E Help

    All sorted i have gone ahead and bought 4 proxies aswell as VIP-E Cheers
  10. bobbafett

    VIP-E Help

    Thankyou for clarifying that and also the link was very useful, one last question, So i could open two tribot clients each reflecting different proxies for two different OSRS accounts?
  11. bobbafett

    VIP-E Help

    Thanks for the reply, So if i was going to bot and want to play my other account regularly, I couldn't somehow set-up a proxy to only effect that OSB Client i am botting on? Probably a stupid question, sorry if it is
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