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  1. Sounds good ! Thanks for the progress report! Please post again when it's all done can't wait to get blackjacking
  2. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html found it here make sure you removed all java... then just download this one from the archive it will do everything else.
  3. is there a way to take away the wait time after each level and each full inventory you get ? @NewBotterFTW
  4. blackjacking doesn't seem to work, keeps luring npc outside then inside.
  5. Thanks bro!!! Hope your 99 fishing goes great Which fishing script are you using btw?
  6. thank you @Aropupu Another 99 in the books!!! any suggestions on what to do nexT? nvm ill start your pyramid plunder tomorrow
  7. fixed! thank you Butta... you the toast !
  8. thats what i have so far
  9. where is osbuddy.exe located, all i am seeing is the loader, which is .jar
  10. would you mind skyping me and helping? it would be in a bit, need to go to frys to pick up my new computer tower.
  11. LG can't find runescape client even though they are both 32bit. can someone help me through skype to fix the issue?
  12. I live by my motto! You have to risk it for the biscuit! Five 99's down so far! Almost 6, about to be 99 agility
  13. It's possible, but I didn't update my computer, I heard uninstalling tribot, java, and osbuddy. Then restart PC and install all of those again, restart your PC once more and it works.. haven't tested though