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  1. Not true, scripters have the power to give compensation for their scripts, as I got compensation from aro for his agility script.
  2. RIP OSRS.. too many complaining noobs that can't kill him finally got what they wanted
  3. Yes I received a 2 day ban from using constructor bot too long, then since the ban I've just been using Zulrah Helper and no ban so far
  4. Banned, used for 2 days on my obby mauler pure, only did pickpocketing
  5. My account was banned for 2 days as well, been using this for the past month and no bans
  6. I won't be botting anymore on that account as it's too much to risk, but i did buy his Zulrah helper and it is just as amazing! Already making a new account to bot on
  7. any their anyway to increase the size of the client screen? so i am not looking so close to play the game?
  8. Yeah these are all happening to me as well
  9. Arent you worried about your account?
  10. Any word on fix @Worthy
  11. This is the same exact thing that's happening to me as well, I think with all LG users, @Worthy I am going to try and delete hooks and restart client when I get home because that's the only thing I haven't tried yet, if it doesn't work then their is something wrong with LG, everyone that is getting 13kph+ is not using LG
  12. anyone using LG and getting 10-13 kph??
  13. Mine withdraws gold just fine and runs just dies more then usual due to hooks being broken.