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  1. I purchased this script ages ago, still works fine. Some small tweaks I'd like to make personally but obviously I can't. I got one of my old accounts up to like 74 RC running Nats before it got banned.
  2. Started the script, went to bank and grabbed an axe just fine. Went south of varrock and it just ran around the are I have circled in the screen shot. It also opened the door I have circled strangely Didn't click on any trees, just ran around, so I stopped and started chopping myself. Hope this helps debug. Oh and also it should check to see if it can wield axe or pickaxe to save room in inventory!
  3. Sweet, and he didn't cheese by removing the source lol. Thanks
  4. Any good examples of some solid script writing? I look at some scripter applications but a lot of people remove the source to their scripts after being approved. I thought you need open source scripts to be scripter. I'd like to read and follow a good example of a decently written script. Just to get a better idea of how to organize everything and whatnot. Thanks
  5. I think the script has to be written properly to support multiple tabs.
  6. Also make sure you have Java installed.
  7. It's not bound to your RuneScape account, but rather your TRiBot account.
  8. How? I'll just wait to see code then.
  9. Are you logging in as the correct user when launching TRiBot?
  10. Hi, and welcome back.
  11. Quick question, how are you generating random tasks? Are you making a new one each time the previous task has been completed?
  12. Going to trial this tonight, I need to make a bit of a cash stack and want to try merching.
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