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  1. I recently tried to purchase credits and it claims that my charge may be fraudulent. Last time I bought credits was on November 3rd. I then added paypal to see if that would work, nothing. Eventually I decided to make a new account and try a different card, again says my payment is fraudulent. I see that a few other people have this same issue on the forums. Before someone post the common reasons for getting marked as a fraud, no my location hasn't changed, my registered credit card address and ip location are the same, and I do not use a proxy/VPS/VPN and therefor did not attempt to pay using any of them. I know there are multiple places to buy credits through a 3rd party, but i rather not buy the same thing that I have been buying all along for a jacked up price. If this isn't resolved before my script time expires, then I will be forced to move on to another bot. JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Thanks, tainted