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  1. randomly generating my own passwords and saving them to an encrypted notepad doc
  2. West Sand Crabs no Safe Spot and it just keeps running in circles it won't go north to reaggro at all. Any idea on fix?
  3. So I got 2 emails that my TRiBot account had 6 failed logins from 2 different locations, I was wondering if this was automatic because someone was trying to guess/bruteforce my password on the site, or if they got my correct password and weren't able to login because of the protections. I am changing all of my passwords now but I am just curious for clarification as my passwords are extremely secure across many different platforms. Thanks. Copy of email: We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from Amsterdam, North Holland, 1091, Netherlands. If this wasn't you, someone else may be trying to access your account. These log in attempts were unsuccessful and we have blocked the IP address from further attempts so no action is required. You may however want to change your password for greater security, especially if you use the same password on other websites. If this was you, you can safely ignore this email and you will be able to sign in again at 06/05/2017 07:50 PM.
  4. Are you familiar with the verification process?
  5. I believe you have to have VIP-E and 100 posts and you can only send 5 per month.
  6. I would use OSBuddy as the underlaying client. Works like a charm for me.
  7. Not sure, I assume you can only cash out credits earned from selling scripts.
  8. works perfect for me, try opening real rs client and then the bot or try restarting pc
  9. learned this the hard way u need 100 posts to send credits mate
  10. testing this bitch out will post a screenie soon edit: does as advertised, obviously you need a bit of merching/flipping experience and a good item list to use this, will be testing out some lists I made and will report back with some proggies
  11. ayy lad never trust an online person that's what momma always said, I trust that yoho boy he was tight last time when i sold him gold
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