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  1. TrumpRich

    Downtime and Compensation

    Wow this has become a joke. Currently looking at other bot clients atm.
  2. TrumpRich

    What's The Point Of Paying For Proxies

    A super moderator and support staff member just told me they dont reduce ban rates.
  3. TrumpRich

    What's The Point Of Paying For Proxies

    Can I have a refund of $1.50 and be downgraded to just VIP then please? I was under the impression that paying the extra for VIP Extended to use proxies would help decrease ban rates.
  4. So I just got back into botting recently and im pretty pissed off to see that 4/5 accounts got banned after they were botted for literally two hours. I did this botting during non Runescape Staff work hours, used brand new socks5 proxies with only 1 account per IP and did not bot tutorial island. I used different scripts for all of these accounts. What I am asking is it pretty much pointless to invest in proxies unless you pay for private scripts?
  5. TrumpRich

    Cant Change Screen Size

    For whatever reason I cant change screen size in Tribot, so things are cut off and I cant change the screen back. Is anyone running into this problem? How do i fix this?
  6. TrumpRich

    Downtime and Compensation

    Are any staff active? Not sure why so many people are being ignored.
  7. TrumpRich

    Downtime and Compensation

    I delayed signing up for VIP because of the problems you guys were having. I just signed up for it now. Can I get a extension? @TRiLeZ