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  1. For the past 3 weeks I've been botting at least 16/20 hours a day, gotten 2 99's and close to my 3rd. No idea why I ain't banned yet. Edit: I don't use LG.
  2. I've been using this scrpt from 75 to 89 str and 40-60 atk, nothing happend to me. I bot like 20 hours a day.
  3. I will be using this script for my next 99. Great release just tried it out for 1 hour worked flawless
  4. This script is really great gotten me from lv50~ cooking to 90+ within two days, huge vouch. - Just got 99 cooking with this script, kudos to you my man.
  5. I was wondering if it's safe to bot or does the bot have to be updated before we can use it?
  6. I tried, your script just stops walking back to crabs after 20 min. Would you please check up on your script? - Before your update it worked perfectly.
  7. Sand crabs is going crazy, I keep running around really really botlike, never had a problem before this update. I caught my bot just trying regain agro for an hour twice. This new update made the bot worse imo. Before it was flawless, now I cant even run for more than 30 min without error.
  8. How does this script work? I cant make it use prayer pots on my zerker
  9. Can you add AFK options? I feel that it's kinda fishy running around for sand crabs.
  10. Mr unknown

    Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    I keep getting erros, something about cant load human mouse. Heap size: 389 - When running scripts they just keep walking and don't do nothing