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  1. restarted I added ur skype to keep you updated easier
  2. ahh Thanks just tell me when to restart the script
  3. Bought it thieving seems a tad slowish but using LG
  4. 1. Have you used proxies before? yes2. How long do you bot RS each day? 5-20hours3. How many bots do you run? 5-10 atm
  5. Hey could you maybe add a feature to let the bots do more than 1 thing so like when out of bronze bars move to iron etc, then always uses the item with most bars used for faster leveling? would be useful to powerlevel
  6. @TRiLeZ http://gyazo.com/ee9...968b25befdd942c
  7. I need help asap it says i haven't bought this when i bought it on the 29th and it doesn't show up in bot and it says i need to rebuy?
  8. Welp i just bought this for another month and error in 1 sec oh well.
  9. "Denied, you submitted an invalid username. Please verify that ur username is correct:" then my username tried on around 3 accounts? please help
  10. @daxmagex do you think there is anyway to give the elite version a feature to follow the cc because lately people seem to be hopping every few hours (i dont know if this would be possible unless you ask osrs bf for the world )
  11. its all luck and breaks, good luck, https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/
  12. the slave seems to be unable to trade, slave just right clicks mule and moves the mouse away
  13. Urr ive set it up tried everything its just doing this http://gyazo.com/9ef5d3d41e3010fad23b9ca88bb86540 and standing still edit: restarted bot 10/10 sorry for wasting your time if i did
  14. ahh okay thanks just been doing it a while i wasn't sure if it was a bug or not just want to bring some attention to it
  15. @erickho123 is the is meant to spam click at the altar http://makeagif.com/v4l08C and also does the same in side this is the newest version of the script i made this a few seconds ago