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  1. My bot kills a couple Revenant, then doesn’t pick up there loot and just runs up and down the cave and eventually teles out? Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Hey guys what is the ban rate like for this script at the moment? Cheers
  3. SlixX


    Just in the last week or so bro? I've seen a few posts and stuff of them cracking down, oh well good to hear then:)
  4. SlixX


    Hey guys, im hearing around the place that runescape has finally cracked down on botting ? Is this true?
  5. Yea man, using the right ID, I don't know the script used to run so good for me but lately it doesn't guzzle or go to 1HP!
  6. when i come back to my bot its always logged out saying it has no dwarven rock cake left and its disappeared from my account? happened 4-5 times, anyone know? cheers
  7. SlixX

    Botting on a VPS

    Hey Guys, if I was to buy a vps and start botting with multiple bots on it, I would want to buy a proxy for each bot but how do I run each bot on a different proxy if I want to use LG? i know I could run one on LG because I would be using the VPS'S IP? But what do I do to run multiple bots on different client in LG on one VPS? thanks in Advance:)
  8. But then doesn't that give someone 30 days to hack your account?
  9. Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone knows if I can have two factor authentication set up with my runescape account and still use tribot?:) if there's something I have to set up or anything? cheers!
  10. SlixX

    Gold Scammed

    Just close it then I guess, just count my losses
  11. SlixX

    Gold Scammed

    Recently I had Twinky complete 2 quests on my account, we agreed on a price and I had traded the gold over along with my password and he did the job, all was good, the next morning I logged into my account (I hadn't changed my password yet), and every single item was taken from my account, my account has been around for a long time and no one else has ever known the password except for Twinky, just wondering what happens with this? I also had an attempted log-in on my gmail account linked with the account, the attempted log in was at around the same time Twinky said he had finished the quests, what is the solution to this?
  12. Sorry bro my bad, script works great now, cheers!
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