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  1. I swear last time this happened they only allowed like 3 accounts per IP and it was a massive letdown
  2. If your only interested in having 3 acc you can just bot on your computer, buy three proxies and set them up with tribot. Also need to download maxthonnor firecap to create the account while still under the proxy
  3. Not saying i like proxyfish but this has got nothing to do with them, jagex are tracking these sort of proxies and locks are becoming much more common. you will need to find a way round this
  4. Im preety sure your not banned, could be to do with the name update from jagex that came out last week, just go runescape page and change your username. If you are banned it will say your acc is disabled
  5. This would be awesome
  6. If your not willing to lose it don't bot it, You will get banned eventually with every script you use
  7. Jagex can detect every single script out there you just have to do things to keep you under the radar and get lucky, if they couldn't GP prices would be about 10p for a mill and the whole economy would be fucked as everyone would be botting
  8. Zulrah is looked at alot now bye Jagex due to its money potential and therefore you will get bans on every script, some people have gone along time without bans on this script just trial and error boi
  9. In the last month and a bit i have come across many posts saying there account has been locked 30mins after tutorial island even when setting it up correctly, having an unflagged proxy and hand doing tutorial island. I looked on other forums and some experienced botters have said jagex has now installed software that detects whether the account was created on a data center ISP (The proxies promoted on these websites) and is much more likely to lock them. does anyone know ways round this as i heard there are thanks for any help
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