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  1. Scripts get's stuck on initializing script. Even after I hit 'Start' the config box doesn't disappear. Any ideas?
  2. Well... Just because you aren't experiencing disconnects doesn't mean it's fixed for everyone. Derp.
  3. Apparently the hooks are currently broken. Waiting for a fix. There's plenty of posts about it.
  4. Hi all, Since the update last night I have been having issues getting any of my purchased scripts to start. The cause of this seems to be the login bot not wanting to function correctly. The client get's stuck at Login Bot: Login... and doesn't get any further than that. I have tried using the client without breaks or an account linked via the account manager, with little success. The problem seems to be with all the scripts I try and run. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Yes I agree. I'm just thinking from your average OSRS player searching for 1-99 construction guide on Youtube. A few of them have example of withdrawing in lots of 20. Again it's just a thought for anti ban. As you said previously, it's worth sacrificing xp/hr (in terms of the anti ban multiplier) to not get banned. Maybe the same goes for gp/hr.
  6. Makes sense... Just a thought anyway! I wonder if adding the ability for the user to select how many planks they would like to withdraw would add to the anti-ban.
  7. Although, if you set the maximum number to be withdrawn to be no greater than 25 (assuming you have GP, Saw, and Hammer in inventory) then you don't need to calculate anything.
  8. Hey Worthy been using the script for a few days now and loving it! The anti ban is great. Small idea, when building things such as Oak Dungeon Doors there is little to no point in withdrawing 26 oak planks from the servant each time. Would it be possible to manually input x20 planks (each door is 10) to make it more human like? Apologies if I have missed something obvious here.
  9. The lag is much better today. Thanks for that Worthy!
  10. Just purchased this script. I'm getting a good amount of lag when I use this. Is there anything I can try to reduce the lag?
  11. I have something similar but I don't bother gold farming (IRL job OP). I have 2 Dell PowerEdge r710's each running 2 x 8 core Xeons and 147gb ram (Got them 2nd hand from my job for free) Use VMWare to manage the hosts which is really nice. Unfortunate I only have them set up botting skills for myself and friends. I'm sure if I found a good gold farming method I would give it a crack with a private script! Of course running a unique proxy on each client. I'm sure if I really wanted too I could run a 60+ bot farm all on unique PC's with proxies from my basement wouldn't know where to start though!
  12. I'm having issues with my dynamic signature updating. I'm entering my username as stated in the thread but i'm getting a 'Username not found' on the webpage..?
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