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  1. Stopped using the script as the bot tends to run around the middle of the map. Looks a lot like a bot. I would like a refund please.
  2. The bot can sometimes just run back and forth in the middle of the game. Anyone else experiencing this? Just purchased the script.
  3. Purchased a couple of days ago and works well! Love the script. Although on Dwarf Cannon, Price Ali Rescue, and Tree Gnome Village it didn't end up handing in the quests but behaved like it did. Took a screenshot etc. Just restarted and selected the last option to start the script from. Worked after that. Sorry didn't capture logs, screenshots etc. Any plans of adding additional quests in the future?
  4. Nice mate, that's a pretty cool achievement! Well done!
  5. Currently using it without problem.
  6. Doing the same on my pure. I am using a Toxic BlowPipe with 6 Overloads 1 Cooled Rock Cake and the rest Absorption Potions. I choose the 'NORMAL' mode and check flick prayer at 1hp. This method guzzles the rockcake and flicks rapid heal to stay at 1 hp. Works really well. Currently pulling 85-90k exp/hr. Not too bad IMO on a pure without void! I was seeing 95k+ exp/hr using Prayer Potions, but again this gets VERY expensive. Hope that helped! Edit: Using Mithril Darts compared to using Steel is a good exp/hr boost. Would recommend that.
  7. Interesting... I started mine a few hours ago and haven't needed to include this step for it to work properly.
  8. Apologies if already asked but is this working atm?
  9. Started this script up and it started having problems. Been using for a few months now without issue but today it jut sat on 'opening bank' and didn't do anything more. Love the script, but curious as to it isn't working? image below .
  10. Hiya, another question... Was running the script for a few hours when it unexpectedly stopped. Image below. Again, would be pretty cool if the script auto-dumped the log files out when it stops. That way if something happens we can still see what trades where made! Just a thought
  11. Awesome stuff... Just set this up with a proxy I bought and now have FireFox routing through that. Although Chrome doesnt seem to play ball with WideCap!
  12. Amazing... Just did this a couple of times and worked perfectly! So if I was to open TriBot and create a new RS account using that proxy Jagex wouldn't know my home IP? Although creating a new account takes you through a browser so the account creation process would still go through my home IP? Is my thinking correct here?
  13. Oh ok that makes sense. It just happened again to me where it doesn't collect the money from a successful flip to try and buy again. What kind of delay would you expect the script to have between buying then selling? I had a situation earlier where it brought and sold the same item 3-4 time in about a minute with no logging out/issue at all.
  14. I like using OSBuddy and Looking Glass to try and mask my botting as much as possible. I have started to use a proxy as well, if i enable a proxy on the TriBot client. Will this then pass the proxy down to the OSBuddy client? Or will this stay on the native IP address as it was opened? Any help greatly appreciated!