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  1. Something is wrong with the script at the moment. It says "attacking zulrah" but it doesn't, it's like it can't reach it in the screen. It also doesnt use prayer, and chunks all of my food, while zulrah remains at like 90% hp.
  2. Yeah after 5 minutes it shuts down, it doesnt matter if i run a script or not, when i use looking glass it just crashes the osbuddy client.
  3. Hey, I am using a CentOS 7 2GB RAM; 2v Core; 45GB SSD ; VPS and have a problem. When i open osbuddy and play on it, everything's fine. Although when i use Tribot's LG on it and load up a script (for example Master Fletcher) it runs for like 5 minutes and then suddenly osbuddy just shuts down, leaving the Tribot client screen freezed up (still works though). Why is osbuddy crashing like this?