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Raw Envy

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Everything posted by Raw Envy

  1. Bump, pushed some updates last night to fix a few minor bugs. Be sure to hop online
  2. Fresh economy, LOADS of events going on and plenty of activity. Hop online and join in on the fun! 100m OSRS GP PvP tournament later today also
  3. Bump, come check out our latest update which features item staking and 100% OSRS combat mechanics.
  4. Bump, the next update is likely to launch tomorrow or Sunday! Its going to be a good one...
  5. Our next update is going to include a combat mechanic overhaul which will give us 100% matching OSRS combat, item staking and more. We have also started working on a mobile version of Vitality. Be sure to hop online, 20% bonus experience and Wilderness points is currently enabled!
  6. Bump, more updates being worked on as usual.
  7. Bump, big drop party going down later today so be sure to get online!
  8. Bump, even more updates coming again soon.
  9. Bump, next update rolling out again today
  10. Bump, 15% bonus xp and Wilderness points still enabled until tomorrow
  11. Bump, be sure to hop online
  12. TOB release went pretty smooth, no major issues. There is a few hot fixes that we will apply to address some small issues tomorrow though! 15% bonus experience and Wilderness points will be active all weekend!
  13. FULL Theatre of Blood is here, and loads more in the recent update log! Be sure to check it out here.
  14. Bump, be sure to hop online and join the fun
  15. 15% bonus experience and Wilderness points has been enabled for the weekend!
  16. Loads of updates coming real soon
  17. Bump, be sure to hop online.
  18. We're now working on the final wave of TOB, which is 80% complete already. We will begin bug testing and fixing anything we find and then hope to have it launched real soon! Be sure to hop online for various events and such over the weekend
  19. TOB is coming along very nicely and we're hoping to release it soon
  20. Vitality will be hosting a Dharoks tournament at 10:00 PM GMT +1/5:00 PM EST today. The reward will be 30m OSRS GP or $60 in store credits!
  21. Bump, loads more updates in the works
  22. The Grand Exchange has now been released
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