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Earl Of Lemongrab

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  1. That's not Tribot's fault. That's paypals and you gotta figure that out on your own buddy. Maybe buy a visa gift card and link it to account
  2. You're completely off grid?
  3. Grats, but why not a PC? For those specs, $2,300 isn't worth it, I personally really dislike Mac's due to the price, and they're not allowing 32gb of ram upgrades, right?
  4. He's still on grid
  5. Thanks m8
  6. Yeah, I hear solar power is pretty common in Australia, my online Australian friend has solar panels on his roof too.
  7. Yeah, friend brought me to Tribot, he says looking glass is pretty good and you need VIP-E for it, right?
  8. I plan on it once I can afford vip
  9. Is Tribot the only bot out there?
  10. 2/4 lived
  11. I do too, they're pretty awesome as long as power doesn't go out!
  12. You're a helpful person. I like you. You think it will ever work on normal Java? Or just Jdk 32 bit?
  13. Probably was tired at 2am or something like that
  14. bean

    Quality shitpost