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  1. Cheers mate just bit the bullet and brought the 5 credits. Moderators can lock now thanks.
  2. The mininum credits i can purchase is 5 though, and i don't have that kind of money. Can i not just get -30 days + 6 credits?
  3. Right, I'm not asking for a refund. 7. Refund Policy All sales are final. The Client is not entitled to any refunds after they purchase any products or services provided by Us. I am asking that the payment by changed to VIP-E 1 month as opposed to 60 Days standard VIP. (Which is me losing money, which i dont mind) as i have spent 12 credits as opposed to 8.
  4. Don't ask how i did it, but i managed to accidently buy VIP x2 instead of VIP-E X1. May i have this changed? Thanks.
  5. Damn that took longer then i thought it would. Xmouse_data-361832-1478600289432.dat
  6. I am a VIP member and i cannot load my "ExNightMareZone" script that i purchased. Sometimes it wont show up, and even when it does show up i get [22:44:29] Starting client. [22:47:45] Downloading script 'ExNightMareZone'. [22:47:46] Unable to load script 'ExNightMareZone'. and then it will disappear again.