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  1. Hello, I'm still new to this site, however, I have been playing Runescape for many years now (13+). I am very well versed in the world of Runescape and know all the fastest training methods. I am offering to powerlevel your accounts combat to your liking. I will be doing this all by hand, no botting, to insure the safety of your account. For specific requests just post below and I will respond ASAP. If you need quests done I can do that as well. Don't be afraid to be creative with the build you're looking for. Pricing: Since this depends on what you want done on the account PM me for pricing. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT OSGP. If you want me to start an account from scratch I can do that too, just PM me with what you're looking for. You would of course have to supply me the level 3 account though.
  2. Hey Australian Made, I would be happy to do this service for you, PM me if you're interested.
  3. should have sent by now
  4. Check your PM's
  5. sent you a PM!
  6. Hello zMurdaaa, I can make these accounts for you. I'm sending you a PM now.
  7. Thank you so much! That was EXACTLY what I needed.
  8. So I recently bought a couple proxies and I was wondering how the so called "chain-ban" works if RS catches you botting. For example, if I used 1 of my accounts with each proxy at least once. Then proceeded to play only on proxy 1 with that 1 account, would I get chain banned if another one of my accounts was playing on a different proxy at the time and got banned. I'm basically asking if because my first account was associated with all the proxies, would it then be banned even though I was on a different IP as the account that ACTUALLY got banned? Thank you in advance. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new still.
  9. hey was wondering how much a custom acc would cost with stats 40/40/40 and 44/75 or 91 rc. I just want this acc to have some def 40+ and at least 44 rc to run nats through abbys
  10. Was wondering how much a custom account would cost with stats 40/40/40 (just need the def so I can run through the abbys) and 44/75/91 rc?