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  1. Hello I am pretty angry at the staff at this site at this time, so let me explain why. I purchased vip and after getting banned on all my rs accounts I went the route of buying proxies off socks5proxies or whatever the official proxy site for this bot is. Everything was going fine up until I complained on a thread that the bot's web walking issues got my account banned and how I was angry to have paid for a bot that couldnt do something so basic. I tried logging into my new accounts a day later through the client and it wouldnt let me so I logged onto the forum. BAM I got hit with the ban hammer for "charging back the proxxies I purchased" In reality I have no idea how to chargeback things. I didnt charge back anything. No proof at all was provided and the money I spent towards VIP went down the drain... no refund. I believe this was a shady way of getting back at me for complaining so harshly on the webwalking issue. I CAN PROVIDE PROOF (See attachment) What kind of community is this? I mean come on I would have been a loyal customer if you had listened to my concerns instead of just banning me.