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  1. I just booted up one of them and It's working fine now. Thanks mate. 10/10 Customer Service +rep
  2. If your willing, I'd be up to offer you $20 to teach me what you know about botting and how you set everything up and basically, everything that you use to be successful. (Im assuming your successful because your a long term member )
  3. How do I make the accounts then? Should I use a paid browser proxy or do i use the same one for my PC?
  4. I Tried to use both providers of proxies that yohojoe suggests but it doesn't let me even load up the bot. It says ERROR CONNECTION TIMED OUT. Im looking to get a little bigger operation up and need to know what I need to change
  5. I wasn't paying too much attention and clicked the wrong one mate...
  6. I accidentaly bought the wrong script and it was 25$ is it possible to get a refund??