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  1. YES i have deleted the %appdata% on numerous ocassions I hope you just mean the .tribot file withing appdata
  2. Didn't even think about that! I cant see this being to bad to add and would just be nice tbh.
  3. Your an idiot. What support do u need?
  4. In the process of re-writing this script, Currently also have a lot of school work too so please be patient.
  5. Ya thats some bullshit right there. #1 Tribot security manager prevents me from doing pretty much anything on your computer, that including downloading a virus. #2 Why would I put it in this script? If I was smart I would make a free merch script and put it in that, Get me a lot more $$$
  6. Hate it when that happens....
  7. What did the bot debug say? Did u die to a random and did you have lobsters on your bank?
  8. I agree with runite rocks 100%. In simple you're not mature enough. Not a very funny joke. That sentence alone makes me say no.
  9. Just to add some stats to the tanning leather, at a level 3 with no agility levels u tan around 1400-1500/hr but with some agility levels you get up to like 1800/hr, with agility levels and pots maybe 2k-2.1k/hr
  10. Regarding the above post if some of you are interested. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=YYSBZ0Sj
  11. When you X out you should just have to click the chatbox to show it again. Try both right and left click.
  12. Try using an earth staff and not mud battlestaff
  13. When u say it just stands there, is it with that odd interface asking if you would like to enter the swamp?
  14. Might just be an issue with you using a mud staff and not an earth staff tbh
  15. Make sure you have roofs off "::toggleroofs" ingame. Put rooms around your house to stop it running outside. To fix it via the above method I think you'll have to have your house orangised as shown on the mina post.