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  1. Hey Tyler, thanks for the reply. If I do not hear from anyone in a few days I will start sending some messages.
  2. agreed, especially since the color of text is very similar to the normal users chat text, they kind of blend in with each other and it makes the chat harder to read.
  3. Still looking for a scripter.
  4. Hey, I am looking for a private scripter to code me a private script, preferably someone who has made private scripts before. We will discuss what I will need the script to do and the price for the script on skype. If you are interested in this feel free to send me a pm with your skype id, but keep in mind you must be a scripter on here in order to make private scripts. Thanks!
  5. Ok I am kind of confused here, now I am not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but this thread has been up for over 2 weeks now and the ONLY response from a staff member was from @YoHoJo and that was after I had to @mention all the staff members so they would look at this. And no offense to YoHoJo but his answer did not fix my problem, not his fault by all means as it is not something he can fix, in fact I would like to thank you for being the only staff member to actually reply. It is not just my thread either, looking through this sub forum it looks like a majority of peoples problems end up never being fixed, or when they do get fixed it is due to a regular forum member helping them out, not a staff member. Once again, do not taking this as a bashing post as it not, I am just saying this sub forum needs some serious moderation, and it is basically getting zero moderation as of right now. This sub forum should be treated as one of the highest priority sub forums for staff to moderate as it is for reporting Bugs / Problems within the client, yet it is getting barely any attention / moderation. Now I am not sure if it is just me getting this problem or not, but I doubt it as it is happening on multiple servers / machines with different OS and configurations. Even if it is just me receiving this, although like I said I doubt it is, the restart client on update feature is currently broken anyways. I am going to mention all the staff members again in hopes of getting a response and getting this bug fixed, and hopefully raise some attention on the much needed moderation / attention this sub forum in general needs. Thanks. @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd @YoHoJo @J M C @Mute @FallenShadow @Montreal
  6. Heya Fal, The only thing file related is the file the script uses to determine the settings for the script and the script itself is on the repo, no local scripts Thanks! @TRiLeZ or @Usa seems like the only ones able to fix this thing would be you guys, can one of you guys chime in here?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I never delete the .tribot folder so the preset settings should never end up resetting although they still do so. When I find out they get reset it is simple to change them back to not restart on rs update I just need to go into the settings and un tick the box (or do what you mentioned). The problem with that though is I do not know when they end up resetting as it just happens randomly, so by the time I end up finding out that they reset my accounts are already restarted after the rs update and running around in the same spot for hours and causing them to get banned. It seems like no one knows what is causing the settings to be reset as of right know as it just happens randomly, so I would suggest until someone can figure out what is causing the settings to be reset to just make the default tribot settings have restart client on update disabled Thanks!
  8. Well this thread has been open for 5 days now, and I have not received a response from any moderator / admin / developer about this yet. I understand people are busy, especially @TRiLeZ and @Usa as they are the developers of the bot, but 5 days and not a response from a single staff member on a post about an error / bug I am having in the bot that is causing me to get bans is a bit steep. Now I understand this is not a major bug or anything, in fact it is something very small if you think about it but the fact that it ultimately ends up causing a good amount of bans when it does happen seems like it is something that should be fixed / dealt with. Maybe none of the staff members saw this thread, although it has been up for 5 days and received over 80 views and is in the Bot Bug sub forum which to me is a sub forum staff members should be checking daily. So I will go ahead and @mention you guys so I am sure you see this thread. Thanks. @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd @YoHoJo @J M C @Mute
  9. Is it currently working for you now? I believe this is because Trilez checks the code after each update to see if they added in any client detection, then once he can confirm there is none the start script button should work. I did not hear this directly from him but I do remember another user mentioning something about this. Hopefully he can chime in here to confirm this.
  10. @TRiLeZ @Usa Any input on this? Thanks
  11. Description of the bug (be specific): The tribot client settings end up reverting back to default at random times for no reason. How often the bug occurs: Not too often, but often enough to make it end up causing quite a bit of bans. Out of say 6 vps it will happen on about 1 a month. Triggers of the bug (if known): None that I am aware of. Java version: JRE 1.8.0_65 Max Heap Size: 512 TRiBot client version: 9.300_1, although it has happened on other versions as well. Looking Glass (yes/no): No Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows Server 2012 R2 Script Name: All Scripts TRiBot Old-School or RS3: Old-School Client Debug: None Bot Debug: None Screenshots (if any): When the client settings end up reverting back to default, it ends up turning all the settings back to their default settings the main one being Restart Client on Update. And when this happens all of the bots on that computer / vps end up being reset back up immediately after the update (which would be great if it worked properly) but when the bots get set back up immediately after the update they are broken and just end up running the same small route endlessly. Now the script itself is not usually broken due to the update, because when I set the bots back up a few hours after the update they run fine. But for some reason once the bots end up getting set back up with the Restart Client on Update feature they are broken and just endlessly walk the same small route. Could you either remove this feature entirely since it currently does not work properly, fix it so that it does work properly, or just make this feature not enabled in the default settings and make it default turned off. Thanks!
  12. Trying this script out, is there supposed to be some kind of profit / hr paint? Only overlay I am getting is the ad for crimsgold Thanks!
  13. Since when? I just tried loading up RS3 on tribot and it seems to of worked
  14. I am looking for a script that should be pretty simple to create. Would just need to create runescape accounts via the RS3 client and save in a file the email address of the account. We can discuss the price for this and more on skype
  15. Have an idea I would like to talk to you about, sent you a message on skype