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  1. My guess would be running less, someone before said they ran for 15 hours a day for 3 months before getting permed. Around how many nats did an account make u before it got banned? And were you using looking glass, or no?
  2. Sorry to quote such an old post, but see you made an ass ton of natures so figured you knew what you were doing? Would you be able to share any info with how long of breaks you take? Right now I do something like every 45 to 90 minutes take a 3 to 7 minute break, every 2 to 4 hours take a 15 to 30 minute break, and every 14 to 16 hours take a 7 to 9 hour break, would love to know if you think this is enough breaking or not, and if not what your preferences are! Thanks!
  3. Hey, looks like the free version of this script which is in beta and supports afk mode is currently not working, it goes to enter the bank then just ends once it opens the bank. Here is the debug [16:04:30] Starting client. [16:05:22] Downloading script 'Mute's Crab Killer Free'. [16:05:24] Script Started: Mute's Crab Killer Free. [16:05:46] java.lang.NullPointerException [16:05:46] at scripts.scripts.crabs.c.u.J(Bank.java:78) [16:05:46] at scripts.api.c.n.J(Task.java:32) [16:05:46] at scripts.scripts.crabs.Crabs.run(Crabs.java:236) [16:05:46] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [16:05:46] Script Ended: Mute's Crab Killer Free.
  4. I agree, think a barrows script while it would take a bit to code one, would be well worth it.
  5. I am experiencing the same
  6. @Worthy Looks like everything is set to always allow. It doesn't look like the price isn't registering for certain items, but for all items after the very first item it registers for the very first kill. Here is the Client Debug [21:06:32] Zulrah defeated [21:06:38] Battlestaff -> 8743gp * 10 = 87430gp [21:13:13] Zulrah defeated [21:19:56] Zulrah defeated [21:26:56] Zulrah defeated As you can see it only calculated the price of Battlestaffs for the first kill, and none of the other items. Then every kill after that it did not calculate anything at all
  7. Just started running this script, but for some reason the paint is only getting the profits from the very first kill. All the loot from all kills after kill 1 are not being counted / tracked.
  8. So on the main post on this thread it says that this script can run smoothly on looking glass, but in the comments a lot of people are saying it should work on looking glass etc, does this script currently work with looking glass?
  9. Hey Tyler, thanks for the reply. If I do not hear from anyone in a few days I will start sending some messages.
  10. agreed, especially since the color of text is very similar to the normal users chat text, they kind of blend in with each other and it makes the chat harder to read.
  11. Still looking for a scripter.
  12. Hey, I am looking for a private scripter to code me a private script, preferably someone who has made private scripts before. We will discuss what I will need the script to do and the price for the script on skype. If you are interested in this feel free to send me a pm with your skype id, but keep in mind you must be a scripter on here in order to make private scripts. Thanks!
  13. Trying this script out, is there supposed to be some kind of profit / hr paint? Only overlay I am getting is the ad for crimsgold Thanks!
  14. Since when? I just tried loading up RS3 on tribot and it seems to of worked
  15. I am looking for a script that should be pretty simple to create. Would just need to create runescape accounts via the RS3 client and save in a file the email address of the account. We can discuss the price for this and more on skype