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  1. @WorthyCan you please add this: When you take the fairy ring method, have an option saying "Eat summer pie before jumping across the water. This would make the required level 71 instead of 76 as an summer pie boosts +5 agility
  2. @WorthyWhen you are doing the charter method from camelot to zulrah it takes 3200 gp with it. But it only costs 1600gp. Isn't this a waste of inventory space?
  3. Can you add option to use Ectophial to the charters? '(Ghost ahoy) req. Quest cape to fairy ring would be nice as well. Rejuvenation pool would be awesome as well!
  4. very good bot i must say. heres a progress report that i got overnight; https://gyazo.com/4b4ba5dd15b5aab4e6d1e25c7bf18785