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  1. what about make the script do that? so i can lett the computer run when im not home
  2. how can ppl run this so many hours witout recharge gloryes? i remember a old rs bot that did that, did run that bot in days and ofc with breaks. is it possible that will be added? when its out of glory tele it recharge them so i dont have to buy more then 28 gloryes, i dot have money for 1k gloryes
  3. Helenes

    mini quest: Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl

    Can`t wait!
  4. You must complete the bar crawl before you can finish the Scorpion Catcher quest, Horror From The Deep quest, or use the Barbarian Outpost agility course. http://www.runehq.com/oldschoolminiquest/alfred-grimhands-barcrawl