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  1. Yes I did that last night and still the same problem is occurring unfortunately. Any other ideas by any chance?
  2. If anyone knows why this might be happening your input would be greatly appreciated! I have been using fishing/mining bots all day and now when I go to try and start them the xp tracker (for any script) which tells you the xp you have gained and the xp per hour etc.. pops up for a split second then disappears? these are free scripts... not sure what's is going on here. Any help and advice would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Hey quick question... any reason as to why I when I go to start the script that the blue box pops up for maybe a second then goes away? Your mining script works perfect for me but for some reason the fishing one wont start and several others do the same thing. When I say blue box I am referring to the stat box that shows the xp gained and xp per hour etc...