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  1. oh I thought i must have jinxed the botting scene by coming back ahah! glad its still up and running, thank you!
  2. was running great making unfinished potions for about 20mins, then it claims i ran out of vials of water and logged xD i had like 2k+ left in bank when i logged back in ***Edit - forgot to mention that the reactions box is checked the bot insta logs.... or unless im setting it up wrong?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I plan on investing a bit and giving it a good go before I try make a profit like you say, but was just wondering if it was a waste of time! Much appreciated EDIT*** Also has anyone got any info in RWT? Info like how to xfer bot farmed gold onto mules then onto sales chars would be helpful! Are chain bans dished out to chars that trade high amounts of gold to each other?
  4. Hey there guys, I'm a returning botter from 2010 rsbuddy days! Recently I've come across some free time and the idea of runescape botting has just played on my mind! Back in the day I had a small bot farm earning a few mills here and there for my main. But now I'm thinking I could possibly earn some irl pocket money! Is anyone earning some pocket cash or some mega moula? Im not asking for your methods for earning gp guys, but just asking if running a bot farm is simply worth while? Of course I don't expect it to be a walk in the park or else everyone will be doing it. Are there any successful bot farmers out there earning a comfortable living purely on the farms? If so how much effort is it to maintain your farm, ease of selling rsgp, rates to irl cash and the numbers of bots are you guys running at one time? What are the ban rates like? I've researched into basics such as requiring private/paid scripts with looking glass and running proxies etc. What I'm not so sure on is the running times bots can be left running? I am aware of the usual less than 10 hours a day and no longer than 3 hours straight per session but can other methods that don't earn you xp in skills be detectable that you're botting? For example merch flipping bots that sitting at g.e? Can they be suicide botted? Or does the normal 10 hour days still apply? Thank you to all who may read this and I look forward for your help!
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