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  1. why don't you just use fake emails, and use a tutorial island bot??
  2. LUL
  3. ok radius of 1 for underneath me confirmed, ty
  4. i guess that's one way to do it
  5. so i already know how to use this, but will this work if there is someone underneath me? if i only want it to check the tile underneath me, would the radius be zero or 1?
  6. hi, how would i detect a player underneath me, in my exact spot? thank you very much.
  7. is it possible to do this though? detect what they are wearing and do something if they are wearing a certain item?
  8. ok sorry thanks
  9. sorry i am confused still. see im trying to see the enemies gear, so that i can say, if the enemy has the gear that matches what i write down for example if they have a blue wizard hat on, i want to teleport out. so i don't understand how to implement this. also how it just says "private rsitem" i thought a method needed to be boolean or void sorry if i sound noob cuz i am.
  10. hi, I made another thread asking how to detect the equipment that another person is wearing and someone was very nice and provided this information on the API to use for me, below. I'm having trouble figuring out how to implement it, if anyone could use this with a small example for me on creating the method. Also, unclear what the filters would be and how I would go about making them, thank you very much. //=================================================================== Players.getAll(filter) / Players.findNearest(filter) (Filter used to exclude yourself)getDefinition()getEquipment()Make sure to length/null check when necessary. //===================================================================
  11. would u mind giving me an small example of using this? i'm having trouble -- like what would the filter be