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  1. mega bot

    Jagex holiday?

    I'm sure we would love to know this
  2. Yup lol.. did the same thing haha
  3. Contacted them and they said when i turn my modem off it automatically changes IP for me... so now im thinking i dont have to worrie.
  4. should i get my ISP to change my IP address.. and start again lol
  5. Well there goes my main account lol
  6. Using your private SOCKS proxy in a browser - VirMach.com | The Best & Cheapest VPS Cloud Hosting https://virmach.com/using-private-socks-proxy-browser/
  7. So nothing to worrie about?.. thanks for teaching me another thing friend
  8. My IP but I did have the proxy when I was logged in and playing
  9. one of my bots accounts has been disabled.. I used a proxy on it and I am wondering if I should go to the message centre to see what jagex have to say.. BUT I don't want to log into it with my IP address. would this compromise my IP.. I think it would!
  10. mega bot

    Getting Banned

    Im talking about the dude who lost 130 mill on his bot.. i was agreeing with you hahahah
  11. mega bot

    Getting Banned

    Lol.. sorry but how dumb were u
  12. Your botting! No matter the script expect a ban here and there!
  13. what! swap to another proxie or buy proxies... or chew through free ones
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